Thursday, August 5, 2010


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Uri SS501 is featured on August edition of Total Girl Magazine. ^^, 
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 Kpop Section is composed of 2ne1, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, SS501 and Kim Joon of Tmax. Our Leader has his own section hehe right beneath uri SS501.
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Star Power!
One of the nicest things being a celebrity is that you can use your popularity to help others- you can lend  your time and talents to make the world a better place. Make a promise to give back and pay the goodness forward! During his recent trip to the Philippines, SS501 leader  
Kim Hyun Joong visited Abierta's House of Friendship, a group that takes care of underprivileged kids and single moms. Along with participating in a charity concert to raise funds for the organization, he made a personal donation of one million pesos, which will be used to build a new school!

Team Superstar SS501

Claim to FameGroup leader Kim Hyun Joong starred as Yoon Ji-Hoo in Boys Over Flowers-- catapulting SS01 into the limelight. This boy band was already wildly popular in Japan,  but they managed to break into the Korean music scene when their song, "Because I'm Stupid", also gained recognition here and abroad as part of the BOF soundtrack.

Follow their footsteps: Learn appreciate the value of teamwork-- the SS501 boys are all friends and it shows. But they also encourage each other to pursue solo activities. So if ever you decide to form your own band, try your best to bring out and not outshine your group mates' personalities. And of course, keep your ego and pride under control. You are all equally talented-- no one is better or more popular than another.

I love how the writer said about our boys' bond. This is always been my point why I see SS501 is way way different from the other boy group. Yeah, others are friends but they try too hard to show that, especially on camera that it already looked fake. Agree?? Our boys, isn't like that. They show their natural self, positive or negative and that made them unique. ^^,  

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Anonymous said...

I believe they heeded the advice of a senior group they were introduced to in the M!Pick series before their debut where the veterans told them to stay true to themselves and not create alter egos on screen or they would have difficulty re-aligning after the cameras are off. It's good to see SS501 have stuck to this all these years.