Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[Official] Jung Min's Message @ DSP site 081010

As I've posted before, no articles or whatsoever will be ever posted here about our boys' contract issues unless if it's really their statement. So, in case you're wondering, the only one I posted here is Mal's message at DSP because it's official and it's really from our Sexy Charisma.

Our boys really are going separate ways......... as of now! I think that's the 'not-forever- thing' about SS501
As of the moment, they will go on separate ways but let us just wait because I know and I believe that they will have their comeback whenever and wherever and I assure you that it will be the best comeback ever!!!! ^^, 

08/10 [diary] This is JungMin~!^^

This is JungMin~!^^
2010-08-10 10:02:13AM

Hello ~ ^^ This is JungMin~!
I am writing a message again after such a long time~~!

Is everyone of our Triple S good?
Weather is hot~ Pours of rain too…!
Students had their school holidays, those who are working have their summer holiday~~
I am curious if everything went well..!!

I am always fine/living well~
I am in the maintenance mode these days~~ My body is in good health, heart is feeling bright~!!
I will upload a verification shot (photo) that I have become a handsome guy..!^^*

Hm… The reason for me writing this message today is
Because that I had promised the previous time..!
That if I sign a contract, I will be the first person to say it to you.

I was troubled, and discussed again to make the decision.

I will be coming up as ‘Park JungMin’ in the new ‘SS501’
(Of couse, I am always ‘SS501’s JungMin’..! JungMin in SS501!)!

The company that I will be working with this time is called CNR MEDIA,
It is made up of Taiwan’s ‘Comic-ritz’ and
Local (Korea) company ‘ROY MEDIA’.

Though there are many worries and nervousness.
Please give lots of strength to JungMin who is taking his first step now..!
In the future, I will work harder and make progress. ^^

I will greet you soon with the handsome guy verification shot~~!! Ajajat.. ^^

Credits : SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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