Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong brings his script with him everywhere

Well, I'm not surprised about this. I'm a Triple S, I know and I saw it a lot of times how hardworking Kim Hyun Joong is. I'm sure Triple S out there will agree with me. And I'm praying that his hardwork will pay off.

Article Translated by reena29shadow @

Kim Hyun Joong who is now acting in [Mischievous Kiss] by MBC, showing his passion for acting.

At the filming site of [Mischievous Kiss] on 27th morning, picture of Kim Hyun Joong practicing his script were released, causing uproar on the internet. In the show, because of Oh HaNi, Kim Hyun Joong who starts to change bit by bit gave a very good impression to female viewers. In [Mischievous Kiss]. Kim Hyun Joong shed off the nice and caring look of Yoon JiHoo in [Boys Over Flower], becoming the arrogant and cold personality of Baek Seung Jo also successfully proven his improvement in acting.

Staff revealed: [Kim Hyun Joong works harder than everyone on the set, not only analysing the script before actual filming, he also brings his script everywhere with him. He really puts in a lot of effort. Also, he came to the set everyday in cheerful mood, which is why the filming set are also so cheerful with him around.]
Praising Kim Hyun Joong. Staff of Kim Hyun Joong management company, KEYEAST, also revealed: [Kim Hyun Joong only sleeps 2 to 3 hours a day, even though the filming schedule is very hectic, but he always do his best for filming as he felt thankful for the support from his fans. Kim Hyun Joong and the whole [Mischievous Kiss] cast and staff are all working very hard in filming so as not to let everyone down. Hope that everyone will show more support, concern and love.


Here's Playful Kiss's Ep.9's ratings. Not bad though. But still, not good.
click photo to enlarge*

Playful Kiss's rating is at the middle.

Maknae Kim Hyung Joon's Official Photo from 'Oh Bam Ah'

Uri Maknae will be hosting a midnight show 'Oh Bam Ah' and he's with our Leader's wife Hwang Buin! Does Leader know about this? wahahaha.. kiddin. ^^,

Here's their official photos. Looks fun!!!! 

I had a feeling that they bullied Maknae here! LOL!!

Credits: + SS501 Baidu + as tagged +

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweetest 'THANK YOU' I've ever seen!

In episode 9, Seung Jo got sweeter to Ha Ni and got jealous! YES! Seung Jo was jealous of their Tennis coach! hahaha... And since Seung Jo was jealous, Ha Ni was worried and went to his house, only to found out that Eun Jo was dying in stomach pain. And that scene lead to this.....

Believe me, this is the sweetest 'Thank You' I've ever seen! And man! Hyun Joong nailed it! The way he said thank you right to Ha Ni's ear was soooo damn romantic!!! I love the way he did it!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maknae Kim Hyung Joon's Fan Meeting @ TAIWAN



[News][2010.09.28] SS501 Magnae Kim Hyung Jun to hold Fanmeeting at Taiwan NTU Sports Center

Source: Warner Music Taiwan Facebook
Eng Trans: Only Jun (
Repost with full credits

[SS501] Magnae Kim Hyung Jun to hold Fanmeeting on 24 Oct (Sun) at Taiwan NTU Sports Center

SS501 Magnae Kim Hyung Jun to hold Fanmeeting on 24 Oct (Sun) at Taiwan NTU Sports Center.
Tickets available first from Warner (TW) Online Store on 1 Oct (Fri), from 2 Oct (Sat) ERA tickets system will be opened for purchase.
[Young brother-in-law] Kim Hyung Jun betray Leader Kim Hyun Joong to get gradually closer to [Sister-in-law]!?
Kim Hyung Jun to become MC with rising popularity
This year Hallyu wave is hitting Taiwan strongly! After a quick trip to Taiwan for the Golden Melody awards, under the keen anticipation of fans [SS501] Magnae Kim Hyung Jun confirmed to hold (I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! 1st International Fan Meeting Tour ) at Taiwan NTU Sports Center on 24 October (Sunday)! Limited tickets will be available from 1 Oct (Fri) at Warner Online Store at a first come first serve basis, 2 Oct (Sat) tickets will be available from ERA Tickets. Kim Hyung Jun's new show where he would be one of the MCs will be broadcasted soon, however, he is keeping himself busy by flirting with [Sister-in-law] Hwang Bo!? Actually both will be co-hosting the new program 'Midnight idols', in order develop better chemistry, both often tweet to each other merrily, hence becoming closer. When replying, Kim Hyung Jun even acted impolitely teasing [Sister-in-law] and making her happier!

[SS501] Kim Hyung Jun confirmed to grant fans' wishes to visit Taiwan again after Golden Melody Awards, to hold his (I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! 1st International Fan Meeting Tour) on 24 October 7pm at Taiwan NTU Sports Center. Tickets are priced at 3 different categories of 2800 TWD, 2500 TWD and 2300 TWD, with a total of 2000 tickets. Fans who bought the 2800TWD and 2500 TWD will receive Taiwan Limited Edition 'Kim Hyung Jun's Message Magnet'. Fans who bought tickets will stand a chance to win 4 large hanging poster scroll on the actual day.

[I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! 1st International Fan Meeting Tour] tickets purchase:

-1 Oct (Fri) 12noon, Warner online store (£©within 22hrs, 156 limited tickets for [Official Site member]. These are Golden Tickets to be purchased online

-2 Oct (Sat) 12noon, tickets to be sold at ERA tickets

Kim Hyung Jun who has recently completed his Fanmeeting in Singapore, appeared to be very happy to be able to visit his fans in Taiwan again after attending Golden Melody Awards. Even though he finds it hard to adapt to perform alone on stage initially, but with fans cheering for him offstage, Kim Hyung Jun promised to leave good memories for fans at his Fanmeeting. At the Fanmeeting, Kim Hyung Jun will be singing a few of his solo songs, and other than showcasing his singing prowess, he will showcasing his other talents, by drawing portraits of lucky fans on stage, and there will be chances for fans to come closer to him. Taking pictures together, handshakes, hugs are all OK, hence tickets are definitely worth the price!

The very busy [Brother-in-law] Kim Hyung Jun recently have been chatting with [Sister-in-law] Hwang Bo to develop deeper feelings? Actually it is because Kim Hyung Jun's overwhelming popularity, he has been receiving invites to attend TV variety shows, besides the radio broadcast 'Kim Hyung Jun's Music High', now he will be co-hosting a new show 'Midnight Idols' with Hwang Bo, Eun Ji Won and others. The hosting group is made up of Korean POP Senior Idols while guests will make up of the newer generation of Idols. In order to have develop better working chemistry with Hwang Bo, Kim Hyung Jun 'followed' Hwang Bo on Twitter and both started chatting frequently on Twitter. There was once when Kim Hyung Jun appeared at the studio for recording but he was busy tweeting with Kim Kyu Jong instead. This was found out by Hwang Bo and was asked to visit the waiting room for a greeting, but Kim Hyung Jun replied Hwang Bo with [I dont want! Hwang Bo noona], together with a text signifying a mischievous face. From their funny texts, it is evident that both have already become closer!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong in the eyes of a local artist

Remember the concert 'KPOP meets PPOP' where in Kim Hyun Joong and Beast performed? Well, I came across a certain blog, not knowing it was a blog from one of our local artist here in the Philippines. And I was surprised to see that she mentioned about what happened during the concert and how she was mesmerized by Hyun Joong's charm! (That's a known fact already ^^) She and her friend gave the cake to Leader while he was on stage. Just wanted to share the pictures she posted. Click the image to enlarge.

credits: Candidly

IRONIC PICTURE from PK Korean ver. & Taiwan ver.

I found this on Soompi Thread and I can't help to post this!IRONIC!! kekeke.. It really made me laugh out loud! And it gave me goosebumps, I don't know why! Thanks to sheila_hime from soompi for posting this. This picture made my day! kekeke.. ^^

Nyahahahahahaha! Funny right?????? The characters are really meant for their role. *ahem. especially Baek Seung Jo! kekeke.. ^_^

The Face Shop Seoul, Korea

WOW! Leader is slowly invading The Face Shop! Now he's on The Face Shop Korea! This is insane!! The Face Shop Philippines! Where are you??????? grrrrrrr.........

OMG! I just noticed that The Face Shop and Tony Moly are beside each other! kekekeke.. If I'm the customer, I'll get confuse! But isn't that possible? Tony Moly should've took out Leader's picture after his contract ended. Woah! OMO! Leader is so famous!!! His face is on two different shops at a time! MANSAE!


Okay pretties, I'm back! I've been out for what? 1 week? Gosh, I miss blogging. And I missed a whole lot of news about our boys didn't I? Aigoo... Chongmal mianhae! Anyways, first thing first..Here's our boys's DVD copy of their Saitama Concert. 

This is really a treat for us Triple S! It satisfied our crave for SS501! The performance was great! The camera focus was great too! And what can I say, they rocked Saitama!!! Wohoo! Sea of Green was awesome!! MANSAE! This is a 'Must Buy'. I'm telling you! kekeke...  
credits to uploader: KYULOVECHAU1@yt

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Poll: Boy Band you most want to see on allkpop's background?

Triple S, are you ready for another poll?

credits: asphodel@allkpop

Cast your vote for allkpop’s new background!

Fall snuck up on us here on the east coast, and we figured, “What better to way to introduce the new season than with a new background for allkpop?
Our staff had epic battles over who to feature on the site, and even though our fingers have become sore typing furiously for our favorite artists (I’m pretty sure I’ll get carpal tunnel), we still weren’t able to come to a conclusion. So we would like to ask you, our dear readers, for your input!
We’ve set up two polls – one for the girl group idols, and one for the boys. The winning bands from each poll will be featured as one of our backgrounds!
Hurry and cast your vote, because our polls will end 11:59 EST on September 30th!

Cast your votes here:
Poll: Boy Band you most want to see on allkpop's background?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maknae Hyung Jun's Message @ DSP Website

Uri Maknae left a message! How sweet of our baby. I can't help but fall in love with this guy! hehehehe.. And I can't help but smile. He always thought of us Triple S and that's very unusual to an Idol right? We are really lucky to have them! They are very close to their fans unlike other Idols. No offense but, yes they are sweet and stuff but, all I can see from their sweetness is a front. In short, other Idols do that just for fame. ^_^

Here's our youngest's message:

[Hyung Jun] ^-^
2010-09-22 11:45:17am
Dear everybody,
Didn't get any rain damage yesterday right? Everyone must have had a difficult time since it is Chuseok.
I was stunned because the rain was so heavy,
I will spend a few days of the Chuseok long holidays with my family from today onwards as I just returned back from Japan yesterday.
I miss Green Peas and it is a day I want to see you all. Even all the more today...^-^
Let us work even harder, cheering even more for the splendid activities that 5 of us are doing in the future,
And cherishing us even more.
Always as it was.
I love you~!! Merry Chuseok and it is a happy Chuseok.
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Project for PK [Important]

I posted days ago about the plan for petition to bring back PK's episode to 20. Apparently, PK is confirmed to have only 16 episodes instead of 20. Now, it's not a plan anymore! 
Let's do it for real! Here's how:

To suppport "playful Kiss" please send a message to MBC
and at

Write all of your support and motivation to the crew and the cast.
You can write your opinion and also can include your hope and petition...
and write where you come from (country)

NOW, to all the supporters of PK.. DO YOUR PART! I already sent mine! FIGHTING!

Thanks to Rha1802 for bringing up this project!

EPISODE 7 Long Preview

Please give full credits when re-posting, Thanks!

Our long wait is over! Episode 7 Long preview is out! kekeke... But I'm not watching it kekeke.. This is just for those who badly want to see the preview. I'll wait till tomorrow.^_^
Thanks to LolliDoAlittle from soompi for sharing it with us! Thanks for the uploader [Credit Rabbit candy @ | MagicYin | @ ]

Lists of Polls to Vote for SS501

Thanks to Hyunnie for sharing this! Here are the lists of polls to vote for our boys! We need to work work work! Fighting!!!

1. For Yahoo Kids (Playful Kiss Section) DEADLINE: OCTOBER 17, 2010
How to vote:
2. For Yahoo Kids (Baek Seung Jo Section) DEADLINE: OCTOBER 20, 2010
How to vote: same as above!

You can chat with other fans here in Yahoo Kids as long as you're logged in. Chatting gives additional points as long as it's all about Playful Kiss and Baek Seung Jo. Do not say bad words, it will be a big deduction. We need back up guys! We're losing! 
In these polls, you can use as many Browsers as you can! and Hyunnie shared the lists of browsers for us to use for voting. 

How to vote: Just click the circle beside SS501

How to vote: Just click the circle beside Leader
How to vote: Just click the circle beside 'Kim Hyun Joong'
Leader is currently at no.4 position.

SS501 is currently @ 6th place

There you are pretties! Now, it's time to work! There's no harm on voting right? It's for free anyways, so why not vote??? 
Let's show the Triple S POWER!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong LIVE in Manila TV Broadcast

Kim Hyung Joong Live in Manila was held last June 19. Three months from yesterday, GMA 7 (Local Philippine TV Station) aired it and made our memories with Leader alive again!
Oh, what can I say! This is a superb experience! My friends and I went gaga last night when they aired Leader's concert with beast in Philippine Local TV! ~~ It's like DeJaVu! hahaha I got teary-eyed when watching it all over again. I missed Leader. I missed SS501! and yeah,, I'm tearing right now.. 

Anyways, look how our Leader glowed that night. He's like the King of the Night. He stole the concert! No offense, but...HE ROCKED THE HOUSE that time! Oh well, what do you expect? He's the Leader of SS501! 

So much thanks to 3kimheopark4Jangki@yt

I love the way the announcer introduced him 'He's the Leader of Double S 501!'

Don't spot cheezeemelt, h20babykathysbench  there!! hahaha!!! shocks, this is embarassing! hahaha LOL!

PK Episode 7 Preview

Please give credits when re-posting. Thanks!
Ooopsss guys, this is not what you think it is. It's not a video preview of PK! hehehe.. Got ya there huh? ^_^ But, aren't you wondering there is no preview yet of PK episodes 7 and 8? If I was right, they are releasing previews of PK every Monday but It's already Tuesday and there's no trace of long preview at all! Looks like MBC got into their senses. Teasers/preview/spoilers or whatever you want that to call is just spoiling the thrill and fun of the drama. Maybe that's why, PK hasn't received high ratings since it's debut. Maybe MBC wants us to be more hungry of PK and anticipate it like a lion waiting for it's prey. 

Here's your preview guys! ~
 It may not be something big to SeungJo, but Hani is saddened by the way he introduced her, at Pharan Uni, HaeRa who was the runner up that has the brains and beauty makes Hani feel uneasy. As for JoonGu, after graduation, he started to work part time at the Pharan Uni student lunch room and also at Hani's father's noodle house as he whole heartedly continues to try to win Hani's heart.

Meanwhile, the school has a tennis club and a competition that SeungJo joins, and Hani who can't even play, joins along with with him. Hani makes a fool out of herself as she plays tennis, as SeungJo continues to treat her coldly and she begins to feel inferior towards HaeRa...

credit: LolliDoAlittle@soompi

The Face Shop's New Ambassador

YES! It's him! It's our Leader! Woah, I'm so happy they chose our Leader to be their new model. When he's on Tony Moly, I couldn't grab any product from them since they don't have branches here in the Philippines. Well The Face Shop has! *screams
I just wish, we will not be that late, you know posting Leader's pictures. I hope The Face Shop Philippines will be updated kekeke.. I actually switched from Etude House to The Face Shop and I'm loving it!

And I will love it forever!!! <3

Tomorrow, The Face Shop will release their new CF~

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Based on the schedule in

21-Sep : The Face Shop CF broadcast
24-Sep : MBC Section TV Entertainment News 9.55pm

Kim Hyung Joon Japan Website Photoshoot

Remember the pictures of Maknae I posted days ago? We weren't sure about that photos though. Now we are! hehe.. Those photos are for his Japan Official Website! ^^, 
What's with Japan eh?? Why almost all of our boys are conquering Japan?..

Whew! he's Man now. He's a Man. Hard to accept but our baby now turned to a MAN. *applause!!

video credit: 3kimheopark4Jangki@youtube

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Black City's OST

Black City is a mini drama from SUPERSTAR. Maknae's on it. Oh yeah, you'll know about this huh? hehehe oh well, here's the official MV OST of Black City. AND HE HAS A KISSING SCENE!
I had a hard time watching it, I kept pausing the video. I can't see my Hubby (Maknae) kissing someone else. kekeke.. It's my first time to see him kissing a girl and I'm jealous! And his acting?  Oh my GOSH! superb!!!!! Thumbs up! I think this is a must watch drama. ^^, 
Dunno when will they air this... Actually, I thought they will air this last August. Maybe this month????? HOPEFULLY! CAN'T WAIT!

credit: seulgiyunhodestiny

A plan for petition to extend PK episodes

This isn't official yet, but some overseas viewers are planning to write to MBC to extend back the episodes to 20. I heard it was cut from 20 t 16 because of the ratings. 

I so agree to this, I will totally gonna support this petition in every way I can. The drama is too nice to end up like this. They don't deserve this. They need support. If Koreans doesn't like it that much, well overseas fans like us... WE sooooooo LOVE it right?

So are you IN for this petition??? Let's just wait for further instruction. I hope this will work. Fighting!

Oh Ha Ni's Height

When I saw this picture, I was surprised! Is she that small???? And is Baek Seung Jo that tall? hahaha.. This is one of my fave scenes. When Seung Jo agreed to take picture with Ha Ni, only Seung Jo teased her about her part-time job. And he knew it! I was like laughing to death when I watched that scene! so EPIC!

credit: + Dudie@soompi

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kim Hyung Joon

I can't think of a title for this post. I am so speechless.....

Some are saying that this is a photoshoot for his Japan Website. But nothing's for sure yet. Oh!our boys! What can I say? You make us drool and hungry for you guys even more!!!
Aisshhh.. I so miss them.... How about you? Do you miss them????? 

Jung Min's new Quest

Okay, enough with our Leader Kim Hyun Joong. Time for the other boys's News, kkkkk.. ^^, Well it's good to see the other boys shining on their own, and here's our Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min. Mal, is starting to penetrate Japan and conducted a presscon. This is kinda late, kkkk I just want to show you guys what had happened to our Jung Minnie these past few days and what's keeping him busy. ^__^ (better late than never huh?)

Mal will surely be very busy on the last quarter of this year. Jung Min is fully booked! kekeke.. ^^, 

[Article] Park Jung Min's PressCon in Japan
source : jungmin baidu ++ japan yahoo
Korean to English translation by Ode / SS501ode/

Jungmin's solo activity begins! "A hugging party with the participants"

Member of Kpop idol unit SS501 who is currently having a close with their activities Park Jungmin (23) held his press conference to announce his solo activities in Japan on the 17th. He mentions in Japanese without translation by himself that he is currently preparing to live in Japan. The press conference was held in an amiable environment with his Japanese that is a little weird at times along with his mood maker personality. The first series of his solo will be the appearance in musical "Kizuna" starring Lead as the protagonists (November 18~23 at 新国立剧场・中剧场, Tokyo). Park Jungmin expressed his aspirations as he expresses, "Musical is a combination of singing, acting and dancing, and that is very appealing to me. Though I haven't seen the script yet, I'm happily anticipating it already".

He also announced the holding of two fanmeets in December in Tokyo and Osaka respectively. "Since my aim is to be the No.1 male guy to be hugged for, is it possible for me to hold a hugging party with all the attendants then?", as he does lip-servicing with that.

His Japanese agency management Yamaha Music will also be producing his Japanese solo CD discography.

Jung Min's PressCon [091610]
reposted from Liezle sunbae's blog ^^

Photos of Park Jung Min from the presscon today are up on SS601. Thanks to 며느리밥풀 for posting the photos courtesy of JPNews.

Park Jung Min had a presscon on the 17th of September in ANA International Hotel in Tokyo to reveal his activities in Japan.

Jung Min's Japan agency, Yamaha Music Entertainment Group announced that they are expected to release his next DVD and photo book. The agency also revealed Jung Min's official site in Japan ( that had its soft opening earlier which his agency expects that it will be a good window to communicate with fans.

At the presscon, it was also announced that there will be fan meetings on December 22 and 23 in Tokyo JCB Hall and NHK Osaka Hall. But before this, Jung Min will be part of a musical in Japan from November 18 to 23 to be held at New National Theater.
When Jung Min entered the conference room,
the media started flashing their camera.
He said 'Thank you for coming to the press conference',
then gave a fighting pose. ^^

The presscon was conducted without any interpreter.
Jung Min charmed the media by being warm and friendly. 

And here's Minnie's Website ^__^

Along with this new webby is a video message from Jung Minnie. ^_^
Here's the English Translation from Ode
Hello I'm Park Jungmin
My official Japanese fanclub has officially opened on September 7.
I've been studying Japanese hardworkingly
So I want to receive recognition from all of you, "Ah Jungmin is really working this hard to have achievements in Japan like dancing, singing, acting ne" , like that......
Do come to my official website and enjoy knowing more about me
Thank you
Also, there are quite a few events that are only made available to the fanclub, so please do visit the website ne~ Come come~
If so then let's meet in the homepage, I'll go and visit often too.
Because I do see those self statuses uploaded (what shall I do) (?) as well, so do leave many messages
I'll write in Japanese too. It'll be lovely if it will develop into a comfortable place that could bridge itself with your heart.
Everybody please visit often ne, Bye~~~~
And in case you didn't know yet, Park Jung Min signed with Yamaha Japan where they planned to release Jung Min's discography this November. He'll be having fanmeeting in the future and will be joining Musical as well. 
Pretty busy huh??  Fighting Mal! ^_^

Friday, September 17, 2010

Message from KEYEAST

credits to ODE for the translation:
[Message] 09.17 Keyeast
Hello, this is CEO Yang Geun-hwan from Keyeast here.
In the blink of an eye, the hot Summer spins its heat around and welcomes the refreshing Fall.
This is my first time leaving an entry here ever since Kim Hyunjoong-gun’s opening of homepage.
Right after Hyunjoong-gun was reported to have signed on with a new agency, he was immediately decided for participation in a drama, and it seems like he is really running with no proper state of mind. Of course, thanks to the support from everybody who visits here has turned into strength for me and for the agency. I thank you genuinely.
For now, Hyunjoong-gun is fully focusing on shooting for drama with almost no single day of rest. But thanks to the unchanging love and concern from everyone, we gathered strength and is able to dwelve into shooting. Though it is a little sad with the ratings, Hyunjoong-gun will work hard to create a meaningful work as an always improving actor and that, we ask for all of you guys’ support right until the final episode.
Ever since Hyunjoong-gun’s official homepage was open, I have often spent time to come to listen to the voices of fans as I see for myself. I am really grateful that all of you came together to weave this common space to communicate mutually more than to expect. Each and every sincere sentence left by every one of you guys will not be forgotten. Hyunjoong-gun will work hard to become a more developing artiste as his agency here will also keep working harder together.
Chuseok is just round the corner.
Please do spin an enjoyable and abundant Chuseok with your family and friends.
from: Yang Geun-hwan

*sigh, this is really frustrating. But it's nice to see our Leader gets the treatment he deserves right? Well not in terms of his drama which is really getting alarming. I hate to ask this once again but where are our TS sisters from Korea? Are you ll got tired of our Leader and decided not to watch his drama anymore? But don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming you guys. It's just that, the Leader of SS501 is getting this kind of treatment when he really doesn't deserve this at all. 
I know that the ratings isn't all for a drama, but c'mon guys..... RATING is important. Rating is the reflection of how is the drama doing. Is it doing well or not? For Leader's drama, I think you know the answer. IT's NOT! 

I know that few of koreans will read and understand this but...... 
제발, 김 현 정을 지원 그의 드라마를 지원!~트리플 S의 힘을 보여~~~!!! 
우리가 한국어 아니지만, 우리는 지도자에게 우리의 지원을 표시할 수 있습니다~~
난 당신이 모든 리더를 지원합니다 바랍니다.

Playful Kiss's Bear ^^, [Ep.5 & 6]

I can say that Episode 5 & 6 is my favorite episodes so far ^^, The story line goes well and well each episode and I still wonder why it has low ratings. I'm also getting comfortable watching our Leader Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo. I noticed that, he'd became more comfortable on his scenes and I have to say this again, HE REALLY IS IMPROVING.

Now here are your bears from episodes 5 & 6.  

Episode 5:

This scene was really funny. One of my faves actually. We've got to see the real Hyun Joong here, The very competitive Hyun Joong. In this episode, Baek Seung Jo sort of like became Kim Hyun Joong kekekeke... ^^,

Episode 6:
They kissed. Yes they kissed on Ep.6! ^^, But a lot of viewers doesn't like how Seung Jo kissed Ha Ni. I don't know, but for me it's one of the sweetest kiss I've ever seen. Well because, it's the thought that counts right? Why did Seung Jo kissed Ha Ni?? It's because he doesn't want Ha Ni to forget him going to College that's why Seung Jo sealed Ha Ni with a kiss. Just like saying " YOU'RE ONLY MINE"~~ isn't it sweet?? ^___^

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baek Seung Jo's New Hairstyle

Yep, that's him. Uri Baek Seung Jo's college hairstyle. After i watched Ep.6 and saw his new hair, I thought it was a weird hairstyle. I've read negative comments about his hair. But then I realized, it seems like seung jo's hairstyle is one of their strategy to increase ratings. Sometimes negative attracts~ everyone will be curious about his hair,,, resulting for them to watch the drama ~~ nice strategy though. Once again, they made our Hyun Joong their bait to get higher ratings. 
So let's just hope for the best, cause I heard that the rating is still not that good and it's getting alarming. 

Jangki Fighting!!!~~

photo credit: s2rene@twitter

[ENG TRANS] Jung So Min Selca From PK set

Please give credits when reposting. Thanks!
I'm actually having thoughts if I should post this or not 'cause I'm JEALOUS! Deep breath cheezeemelt, deep breath. *sigh. 

Caption Transaltion:
1. 'ttan ttan ttan~' I hold a wedding with Hyun Joong. Is it finally Ha-ni's unrequited love came true and get married with Seung-Jo in drama? In point of fact, it is just an imaginary marriage. It's my first wedding dress after I debut. How about this? How was it?

Dang!!! They looked good together! *sigh.........................
Caption Translation:
2. When I wear school uniform, I clicked the shutter! I shoot scenes with hyunjoong a lot of times because Hani and Seung-Jo live together and attending the same school. In this drama, hyunjoong's character is picky. but he is gentle and friendly.

All credits to my good friend keke you know who you are! ~WAVES!!! 

Credit: Hislover + Nate

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steps on how to vote in Yahoo for Kim Hyun Joong and for Playful Kiss

I've come up with the steps on how we can increase our votes. Because it seems that by merely clicking 'vote' every 10 seconds isn't enough, I do have here the step-by-step instruction on how to make our votes more than what we can do before. Just follow this and for sure we can all do it. I had a hard time making this, considering I am not a computer literate. So for those who will be reposting, kindly repost with full credits. Would appreciate more if every blog that a Triple S has can repost this instructions. Here it goes:

1.) Earlier, I provided the site where you can vote. If you have forgotten already, click Here

2.) Next, click on the icon where you need to log in

3. ) You will be seeing this page:

You can use your own and existing email address. You don't need to sign up for a new yahoo mail for Yahoo Korea.

4.) After you have successfully logged in, simply write on the box provided. you can say anything just as long it is not offensive. [Take note: For each message gives you 15 points additional, for every profanity or offensive words leads you to a 30 points DEDUCTION!]

To add even MORE points...: [In adding pictures, you will need Internet Explorer as your browser since it will not work using Firefox]

5.) Click on the arrowed icon

6.) You will then be directed on this page

7.) Scroll down and you will see the green icon

8.) You will see this page. Enter the necessary information on the blank fields. Click on the picture to enlarge

you can upload up to 5 pictures at the same time

9.) If you're done choosing pictures, scroll down and click on the icon to upload

That's it. You have successfully voted. It may take 2-3 hours before your pictures appear. Again, any offensive or profanity pictures uploaded corresponds a deduction!
So we all should be careful okay? You just have to repeat all the steps to cast more votes. Every 10 seconds you can vote. Now that I have provided these simple steps, (voting by chat and by pictures) it is all up to you to help Hyun Joong and Mischievous Kiss. For the steps on how to vote for Hyun Joong, you just have to go to the site where you will be casting the vote for Hyun Joong ( ) and just follow my steps above. We can all prove to everyone how powerful Triple S can be! Show them what you got Triple S! Mansae! Hwaiting!
EDIT: You can use as many browsers as you can. Google chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox. Use them all at the same time for voting.. ^^, It works ^^~~Cheezeemelt