Saturday, April 28, 2012

[Video+Eng Sub] VJ Bianca's Love For Kim Hyun Joong

This is so funny.. I don't find it offensive at all. In fact, I'm really proud someone like her from showbiz got to love our Leader Kim Hyun Joong! 

So who is VJ Bianca? VJ Bianca is a VJ from Philippine' no.1 music channel 'MYX'. She is known to cover kpop issues, interviews etc.etc...meaning, she's in-charge for the KPOP category here in PH. When Leader went here in PH last August 2011 to promote TFS and Hi5 Event, in behalf of MYX, VJ Bianca did the honors to interview Leader during his stay here. I remember he tweeted a photo of her with Leader saying 'I DIED after this shot' (I'm not sure, but what she said was something like that). After that interview, I think was the spark plug of her LOVE over Kim Hyun Joong. ^^ 

Here's a photo of her and Leader Kim Hyun Joong

 One lucky gal eh? kekekeke

And here's her video blog showing her Love over Kim Hyun Joong!

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Ready for Kim Hyun Joong Starting This May 2012?

All geared up for Kim Hyun Joong this coming May for his Asia Fanmeeting? The poster made by JOYTIME Taiwan made it just more exciting and awesome! 

Listed below are the lucky countries for Leader's destination for his Asia Tour. 

First Stop! SINGAPORE 5/4/12@8pm

2nd Stop! HONGKONG 5/12/12 @8pm
3rd Stop!  TAIWAN 5/18-19/12 @7pm
4th Stop!  Chengdu CHINA 6/1/12 @8pm
5th Stop!  Guangzhou CHINA 6/2/12 @8pm
6th Stop!  Shanghai CHINA 6/9/12 @7:30pm
7th Stop!  Beijing CHINA 6/10/1 @7:30pm

Or to memorize it easier, here's a photo schedule I made ^^


Kim Hyun Joong and IU~ Healing Idols, Just By Looking At Their Face

Source: Seoul Newspaper
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Kim Hyun Joong and IU became hot topic and ranked no.1 as Healing Idol.

Last Apr9th in Monkey3 music site, a survey was conducted with a target of 1,953 people
with a question "Who would heal you just by looking at their face?'

As a result, KHJ took the 1st place with 1044 votes(53%) while at the Female category,
IU ranked 1st and 3rd overall.

A respondent said "KHJ is a healing idol 'coz he gives me happiness just by seeing him"
"KHJ is always giving me a feeling of warmth and comfort"

Yong Hwa from CN Blue took the 2nd spot, 3rd is IU then G Dragong from BB, Suzy of Miss A and So Hee from Wonder Girls.

Meanwhile an ongoing survey is conducted with a question "In May, who is the most anticipated comeback singer?" JYJ's Kim Junsu, Ohalala Session, IU, Rissang, Infinite and Baek Ji Young are included.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heo Young Saeng 'A Romantic Cherry Blossom Man'

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Heo Young Saeng 'A Romantic Cherry Blossom Man

 SS501 member Heo Young Saeng posted a picture of himself together with cherry blossoms.

April 19th, Heo Young Saeng posted in his twitter a photo together with a message "The feeling of Cherry Blossoms..keke"

In the photo released, Heo Young Saeng was standing under a cherry blossom tree with arms wide open and looking up to the sky with a feeling of freedom on his face.

In particular, Cherry blossoms falling at the background made Heo Young Saeng looked like in a romantic movie and is catching a lot of attention.

Netizens with their various reactions said "Young Saeng oppa! Let's go together in a Cherry Blossoms!", "Wow, the Cherry Blossoms are really pretty", "Who were you with?" "Young Saeng oppa, you looked like a main character in a movie".

Thursday, April 19, 2012

[Photo Update + Trans] I Love You's Official Site

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun's Family Photo "I Love You. Be Happy"

Source: Korean Economic Newspaper
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Singer Kim Hyung Jun released his family picture.

Kim Hyung Jun disclosed a photo on his twitter afternoon of 4/16 saying "I Love You, Be happy".

In the photo shared, there's a cake with candle light and in the middle was their mother,
Hyung Jun at the left while his younger brother Kim Ki Bum at the right being so sweet while looking at the camera.

On the same day, Kim Ki Bum also tweeted "It's my mom's birthday today together with hyung! I will not forget who gave birth and raised us. Forever family" (Blogger's note: I'm not sure about my translation with Ki Bum's message)

Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Ki Bum and their mother seated at the center kissed by his sons on the cheek portrayed a happy family that caught people's attention.

Meanwhile, netizens shared their reactions saying "What a great view" "Mother be happy!"
"Hyung Jun oppa and Ki Bum oppa really are a good son"

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun "I Like It being a Genuis in My 2nd Drama Challenge'

Source: TV Daily
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SS501 Group's Kim Hyung Jun is up to take a genius role in the upcoming drama of cable channel SBS Plus entitled ' I Love You'.

Last 13th of April, Production press conference was held "In real life, this is not a reality but I really like being a genius"
Kim Hyung Jun will come out as a genius programmer from Seoul National University named as Jung Min Chae.
"Portraying Jung Min Chae as a great person really worries me alot" "But taking this kind of role really
intrigued me, it's really interesting" He laughed.

Comparing it to reality, "I was just a typical plain-studying student" he said.

Coming out in his 1st drama from KBS2TV 'Glowing She, Kim Hyung Jun said "I was more worried in my first acting role"
"I did a lot of research and tried many things on my new look"

"I Love You" is scheduled to broadcast on the 16th in cable channel SBS Plus. It is about a story full of excitement with a very
heartwarming love story between people in their young and golden years.

"I Love You' is a popular webtoon made in to film last year and will be released again now as a drama.

In the movie, starring the main actor Lee Sun Jae will continue to impress us in the drama, SS501's Kim Hyung Jun and actress Kim Yun Seo will also appear.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun Sang 5 SS501 Songs From His Japan Concert

You read right Triple S! Our Maknae sang 5 SS501 songs yesterday 4/7/12 in his Japan Concert. He sang Snow Prince, UR Man, Love Like This, Let Me Be The One and A Song Calling For You. That's quite many huh? He sure missing his Hyungs already. Well I'm sure they are missing you too!

Thanks much much to Rika1971325@yt!

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Let Me Be The One

Love Like This

Snow Prince


Did you see how bubbly and happy Jjunie was while singing these songs? I'm sure it put smile to your face as well!

And may I add this up, during Jjunie's concert yesterday, Hyung Jun said something that lightened up the Triple S world. RenriSak0830@twitter shared what Hyung Jun said.
''I think SS501 is the best! 'Coz we are always working hard even as a solo! so please wait and look forward to our comeback!''
Thank You so much Hyung Jun for re-assuring us about your COMEBACK! For me, you guys are always there and never left. Unfortunately some of us didn't believed you at all and until now is in doubt. I just wish you all success and don't rush things up making decisions because a true fan is always willing to wait!

Friday, April 6, 2012

[Photo+Info] Kim Hyun Joong's Possible Character in 'City Conquest' Drama

Rumors and News quickly spreading regarding Kim Hyun Joong's possible drama 'City Conquest'. 'City Conquest' is a popular comic book/manhwa sold over millions of copies nationwide. 

To become more familiar about the comic, I searched some cover book photos and found out that the lead role and Kim Hyun Joong's possible name would be 'Baek Mi Reu' or simply 'Mir'. 

His character is a bit strong, portraying a villain but a protagonist character that will surely make women's heart melt. 

Much to my surprise, 'City Conquest' contains adult content. 19 years old and above are the only ones allowed to read the manga online. Stills from the comic below shows that it has a rude content (fighting, blood, guns, etc) that made the comic prohibited to the minors.

Reminder: Please be aware that nothing is confirmed yet regarding this drama. Kim Hyun Joong himself is in the middle of reviewing the script and it's still under consideration among his drama offers.

[TV Daily News+Translation] Works Under Review for Kim Hyun Joong in 'City Conquest'

I'm quite excited about this news, but I'm not jumping up and down as well. I wanna know what's this drama is all about and what would be his character. To be honest, I don't wanna see Leader playing sweety-cutie roles anymore. I want more mature and manly roles 'coz that's what suits him more in his personality and physique. So let's wait for more details about this drama and hopefully it's a good one.

"City Conquest" is a popular 270 series comic book that was first published in 1996. Total numbers add up to a million copies sold nationwide. 

Yang Yoon-ho will be directing this drama and it will be written by Hwang Joo-ha.

 Works Under Review for Kim Hyun Joong in 'City Conquest'

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Singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong's drama comeback 'City Conquest' is drawing attention and interest whether he will accept it or not. Kim Hyun Joong's agency Key East told TV Daily morning of April 6th ' We are considering this as one of the choices but nothing is confirmed yet'. 

Key East's side said ''City Conquest' is just one of the many works that are under review'' ''Kim Hyun Joong is now reviewing and carefully considering what best suits him'' ''Whether this could be his comeback to the small screen or not, it's still undecided'' 

Meanwhile , Kim Hyun Joong's Asia Fanmeet is in progress, after finishing it will return to back to Korea and will be in full swing to prepare on his next project.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SS501 Together Again In A Wedding Reception

This is really a great day isn't it? Not only we are celebrating Jung Min's birthday but it seems we should be celebrating something as well. Our SS501 SUB-UNIT together again! It's been awhile and it's almost surreal seeing them standing in stage again as one. There have been rumors that Leader attended as well but left early. Anyways, I'm just really happy to see them 3. Seeing them again is enough.

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SS501 Together Again In A Wedding Reception

B2M Entertainment's Representative Gil Jong Hwa's wedding celebration photos has been revealed.
SS501 group member Kim Hyung Jun's fanpage 'Pretty Boy' disclosed a photo of the wedding reception today April 3rd at 6pm in  Renaissance Hotel, Seoul.
[non-SS501 related omitted]
Netizen's reaction at the photo 'What a great connection' 'SS501 together again, it's good'.

To feed more your hearts out here's a fancam taken by Madeleine where our Sub-unit sang and introduced themselves as like what they are doing before 'Annyeonghaseyo, Double-esu-ohgongil-imnida!' Oh! what a music in our ears! =D