Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun Sang 5 SS501 Songs From His Japan Concert

You read right Triple S! Our Maknae sang 5 SS501 songs yesterday 4/7/12 in his Japan Concert. He sang Snow Prince, UR Man, Love Like This, Let Me Be The One and A Song Calling For You. That's quite many huh? He sure missing his Hyungs already. Well I'm sure they are missing you too!

Thanks much much to Rika1971325@yt!

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Let Me Be The One

Love Like This

Snow Prince


Did you see how bubbly and happy Jjunie was while singing these songs? I'm sure it put smile to your face as well!

And may I add this up, during Jjunie's concert yesterday, Hyung Jun said something that lightened up the Triple S world. RenriSak0830@twitter shared what Hyung Jun said.
''I think SS501 is the best! 'Coz we are always working hard even as a solo! so please wait and look forward to our comeback!''
Thank You so much Hyung Jun for re-assuring us about your COMEBACK! For me, you guys are always there and never left. Unfortunately some of us didn't believed you at all and until now is in doubt. I just wish you all success and don't rush things up making decisions because a true fan is always willing to wait!

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