Friday, April 6, 2012

[Photo+Info] Kim Hyun Joong's Possible Character in 'City Conquest' Drama

Rumors and News quickly spreading regarding Kim Hyun Joong's possible drama 'City Conquest'. 'City Conquest' is a popular comic book/manhwa sold over millions of copies nationwide. 

To become more familiar about the comic, I searched some cover book photos and found out that the lead role and Kim Hyun Joong's possible name would be 'Baek Mi Reu' or simply 'Mir'. 

His character is a bit strong, portraying a villain but a protagonist character that will surely make women's heart melt. 

Much to my surprise, 'City Conquest' contains adult content. 19 years old and above are the only ones allowed to read the manga online. Stills from the comic below shows that it has a rude content (fighting, blood, guns, etc) that made the comic prohibited to the minors.

Reminder: Please be aware that nothing is confirmed yet regarding this drama. Kim Hyun Joong himself is in the middle of reviewing the script and it's still under consideration among his drama offers.

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