Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SS501 on Power Music

I was watching television while eating dinner with my sister when she stopped on this certain channel, and I heard a familiar tune. Seems like the intro for SS501's 'Warning'. When I looked, it says 'SS501 History' and I immediately grabbed my phone to record the show. My phone can only capture 1-minute video, so everytime it reaches 1 min, I'l have to start recording again that's why the video seems not to be in sync.

Part 1

Try lowering the volume on Part 2 since I was having a hard time changing the volume. Mianhe.

Part 2


cheezeemelt said...

gyaaahhh!! been waiting someone to record this! thanks namja!!! Leader was sooo dorky about the 'sleep' part hahaha LOL~ thanks for uploading this friend! Mansae! =)

elisa c. said...

cheezeemelt, thanks for posting this. I was only able to catch the last five or so minutes of Power Music when it aired on Animax. Love the funny interview; leader was super 4D then... that's one of the things I miss the most.

i think there's going to be a replay this weekend. yay for TS! :)

namjachingukhj♫ said...

@cheezeemelt yeah me too i was laughing at the sleep part, not to mention the joke on asking triple s to attack the host. kekeke ^^ your welcome and i'll try to post some latest news here in your blog ^^

cheezeemelt said...

@elisa: I didn't post this kekeke say thanks to namjachingu_khj kekeke she's my co-writer here at my blog hehehe

@namjachingu_khj I super duper owe you bigtime for updating my blog!! Super thanks!! =)