Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yet another INSTRUCTION How to Use Soribada PROPERLY

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I will never get tired to teach you guys how to use Soribada. Since some of you are new to using the card, some of you might find it complicated (which is why they're so lazy to participate). Now I'll teach you again how. I'm telling you it's super easy. 

1. After entering your Serial Number, you will then lead to this page (Soribada's Main Page).
2. Just look for his album jacket (You know his Album jacket, right? ). Or, in case his album isn't at the main page anymore, just search 'SS501' at the search box. 

3.If you chose to search 'SS501' on the search box, you will then lead to this page:

4. Just scroll down and look for his album at the left side of your screen. It's either you click the album image or just click the album title. Either way will do.

5. After that, you will then lead to this page:
6. Just CLICK the album picture.

Now you can start to download all the songs from his album.

Note: Downloading is similar to Purchasing. So when you download the song it means you also purchased it.

[Important] Downloading is a MUST!
[Important] You will just need to download the song ONCE, afterwards you can go on with your streaming the next time you Log In.

1. Click the 'arrow down' button.

2. After you click the download button, a pop-up window will appear.

3. [IMPORTANT] After you click the download button, save it to your DESKTOP.
4. [IMPORTANTErase all the songs you've downloaded or transfer it to another folder before you start streaming.

How to STREAM:

1. Choose 'Let It Go' and click the '+'(plus sign) beside left of the title. 
NOTE: Since 'Let It Go' is the title track, this song will be the one we should stream.

2. A pop-up window will appear again.

3. After you click that button, 'Let It Go' will automatically be put on your playlist.

There you are, isn't it easy? When you're streaming, you're helping Young Saeng really big time~ coz streaming is equivalent to 60% of his album sales and that influences big to Korean Charts and will help him WIN IN INKIGAYO, MUBANK and even MUCORE. 

Now if only each and every TS in the world will purchase and stream here in Soribada, HE'LL DEFINITELY WIN. He will! MARK MY WORD. 

Just a little reminder though:

1.[IMPORTANT] Do not put your playlist on MUTE.
2.[IMPORTANT] Do not put your playlist on LOOP.
3.[IMPORTANT] ERASE all your songs from your playlist before LOGGING OUT.


1. Click your playlist.

2. a pop-window will appear.
3. Just click the checked one.
4. Then click the encircled one.

5. After you erased all the songs from your playlist, then LOG OUT. 
[IMPORTANT] You need to erase all the songs for your stream to be counted for the day's calculation (Soribada) and then you must LOG OUT. After you LOG OUT, that's the time your stream will be counted.


After you LOG OUT then your stream will be counted.
[IMPORTANT] You have to log out on or before 11:50pm KST.

[IMPORTANT] I stumbled upon this comment, that we should not write any comment about the song. It means, when you are in an artist's page, don't leave any message or comment coz it will take 1000 points out from the total score. I'm not sure about this if it's true but let's just obey it. You can all put your comments on twitter or facebook. Just don't do it on Soribada. 

NOW, We need to be as one for Young Saeng to win! so please participate.
Now then, if you can't participate just spread the informations regarding Soribada just like what I did. Do what you can do Pretties! Don't just sit and relax. We have to do our part. So please do participate and if you can not just spread the word. Just like what I've been saying, We TS have the numbers, we just don't know how to use it.

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