Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong in Vogue Hommes Japan Vol. 6

Another Magazine post for our Leader, Kim Hyun Joong as he posed for Vogue Hommes Japan Vol. 6. The title says 'The Face of Asia' which really suits for him. I really like the way he interacts with the camera. Those stares are to die for. He's sooo near to perfection. How I just love the ambiance of the photos. Black and White yet so full of life. This is just the right amount and meaning of 'SEXY'. Sexy that you don't need to expose skin and muscles and body. Just being yourself and comfortable with your body is what you call SEXY. Agree? And I think Leader knows how to be sexy well enough. ^^, 

Do I need to say that his mole is sexy too? hahahaha I wanna kiss the mole! LOL!
And I love his necklace. ^^,

 credit photos as tagged.


annajean_tagolimot said...

the mole is so sexy to look at...This is fake...Isn't it?

cheezeemelt said...

that mole is real dear. ^^, Kyu, Saengie and Leader all got mole on their lips. =)