Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why Hyung Joon didn't win in Mnet Countdown

Hi Peas! it's been a long time not posting here eh? sorry, I was a little busy for the past few weeks. And I like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my dear co-blogger namjachingu_khj ^^ for updating my blog and ofcourse for spamming Maknae posts kekeke  =) You really want me to go back to Maknae, don't ya? haha well, I think I'm going back ahahahahahaha... 

Anyways, as we all  know Maknae just had his solo debut a couple of weeks ago with his 1st solo mini album 'My Girl' with it's title track 'Oh-Ah'. His first performance is on Mnet Countdown then Mubank, Mucore and Inkigayo.  Last week, a lot of us have voted for him in Mnet Countdown's site right? And he got the 1st place beating Bigbang. Well, that voting thingy we had just voted for is just an 'ONLINE POLL' for Mnet Countdown. 

Here's the criteria for Mnet Countdown:

TOTAL = 100%

Did you see how big the percentage of DIGITAL SALES? That's what I've been telling you. Believe it or not, Digital Sales is bigger than Album Sales. When we say Digital Sales, we are talking about buying their album in sites like this (Mnet, Soribada, Nave, Baidu, Daum). Not only buying, we should also stream as this will add counts on the percentage for Digital Sales.

What you see in this page is just for the online voting which is I believe will only count for the 'Asia Fan Voting' which is only 15%.

If you will go this page which is the OVERALL RANKING you will see then the chart which is shown in Mnet Countdown in TV. Now, can you see where Maknae is?? =) and can you see who is on the 1st place? This is the real ranking in Mnet Countdown~ not just partial but overall. So if you're wondering why Maknae didn't win in Mnet Countdown last March 18, despite him being the 1st place HERE is because that is for the Online Poll only. He won in the Online Poll category which is only 15%.  Online Poll is not enough to make Maknae win in Mnet's overall ranking. 

I'm not saying not to vote on this online poll, I'm just saying that, this is not enough for Maknae to win. We have to work harder. We have to increase his Digital Sales, why? Because it's the only way we overseas fans can help him. Yes, we can always buy his album anytime we want, but buying his album will take time to count since we don't live in Korea unless you will buy it straight from Korean record bars or you have a friend in Korea who will buy it for you. But may I remind you, Album Sales is just 10%. 

We have to take considerations in this criteria, if we really want Maknae or our boys to win let's be aware how the competition is going.

How to stream in Mnet? Don't ask 'coz I don't even know how to buy songs there~ that's why we recommend to stream in Soribada instead because it's a lot more easier there than Mnet. 

Now, if you want Maknae to win on next week's Mnet countdown or in Mubank, Mucore and Inkigayo~ STREAM HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rawr! 


Mnet Countdown you can start streaming today Saturday to Wed.
Music Bank starting today Saturday to Thurs.
Music Core starting today Saturday to  Fri.
Inkigayo starting today Saturday to Sat.

Disclaimer: This is just my theory, correct me if I'm wrong. And please give proper credits when reposting, THANKS!


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