Thursday, March 10, 2011

[3.10.11] Oh-Ah by Kim Hyung Jun FULL MV

The full MV was actually released by Splus Ent. at around 11pmKST when it was supposed to be released by 12amKST. But they erased it immediately. But I accidentally caught the full MV when they released it an hour earlier! I was like all ranting on FB and twitter that 'Oh-Ah' MV was out and no one's actually paying attention to me. Turned out, I'm the only or the few ones who watched the video earlier than it's release date. I kept on saying to my followers to just go to Splus Ent YT page, 'coz they can watch the full MV there, and they were like ' Huh?  it only got 3 videos and it's all teasers'. I even recorded it using my phone, but then it hit me that it's not my business to share when it's not even released yet. So I just shared some screencaps from the full MV kekekekeke ^^, 

And then I noticed something. Since I caught the video earlier, I noticed the title. If you will see the MV now, the title says 'ohah' right? But that's not the title when it was accidentally shared by s-plus. ^^,

I know what you're thinking.... kekekeke.. wait for the Japanese version???? ^____^

Anyways, the first thing that came to my mind when I watched this MV is 'Alice and Wonderland' kekekek.. with all the running, chasing, doors, keys, rabbits and the girl with big foot is kinda similar to Alice and Wonderland.. well that's my opinion. And the hair?? naaahhh.. don't mind his hair, I know it suck big time but hey, he's still handsome right? kekeke.. and I really like the choreography. ^^, When Ss501 is still together, I never noticed Baby can actually dance that well, but then when I saw this video... Dang! This guy can dance HOT! Whew! 
I like this MV better than 'Girl' 'coz, it has a story in it and I like the colors.^^, 
I'm kinda hoping they will release an MV for 'Different Girl beside you' keke 'coz it's my favorite song from his album.

Well, enough for my non-sense opinion.. here's Full MV of 'Oh-Ah'. ^______________^

video uploader: splusent

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