Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My source said that we can vote once a day even if you're not a us resident.

SS601 from korea started to vote that's why you will notice that SS501's score is increasing very rapidly! NICE ONE! Keep on voting! ^^


[Poll] Please vote for SS501 @ Which Asian Artist/s would you like to see in concert here in the US? (Open to US resident only)

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Wah! guys this is big! gosh remember Ellen Degeneres show's asked for what Asian group we would like to feature to their show? awww... and you all know who won right? hmmmm.. maybe this time we have to work work work work and work! C'mon guys! It won't hurt to vote. But the thing is, US citizens can only vote to this poll. Awwwwww... but maybe you guys have relatives in the states and ask them to vote for SS501?? PUHLEEESSSSEEE?????
I just can't take it when TVXQ fans said bad things to our boys. Maybe this is payback time???

Here's how to vote:

and this is the recent result. Our boys is currently at the 3rd spot.

tell your friends from US to vote here!! C'mon! Triple S unite!!!^^

Credit: SS501fighting

Kamilia's offended?

When i watched back the video of maknae, singing and dancing Kara's Lupin, I read from the comments in YT that some of Kara's fans are offended of what maknae did. I didn't read the exact comment coz' I think the video's owner erased it.

Well for me, this is not offending at all. Actually it will raise the popularity of Lupin because of Hyungjoon although Lupin really is popular right now but maknae didn't do this just to offend Kara's fan. He did this for fun and you can see that he and his friends are havin fun.. For the changing the lyrics part, well I think the PD asked him to that because I heard Maknae saying 'Music High FM' etc etc. (My opinion only)

Kara's fan should be happy for this. SS501's Kim Hyung Joon just sang Kara's Lupin and even danced it too.. DSP family should not be fighting like this.. We should love each other! I love Kara! and I love SS501!^^

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hyung Joon as Jihoo in BOF?

As we all know, Ukiss had their Promo Tour here in Manila. They visited 3 SM malls namely, SM Megamall, SM Clark and SM North Edsa.

As I were preparing to watch them at North Edsa, I decided to check first on the newspaper if they have an adjustments or announcement to make regarding their Mall tour in SM North Edsa.

My eyes brought me to the Business section, I don't know why since if I'm looking for Ukiss I should be at the Entertainment section. But that was a good move after all because I suddenly read an article bout Ukiss.

The article was about them having their 3-day mall show with their last stop at SM North Edsa. It introduced the 7 members of Ukiss stating also their age and stuffs. It also includes the group's history. The article said that Ukiss got popular in an instant is because of their 2 hottest members, Kim Ki Bum and Kevin Woo. They were actually a former members of the group Xing and Kim Ki Bum is actually the brother of Kim Hyung Joon the Jihoo of the Hit TV series Boys over Flowers.

WAH! this is insane! completely wrong information!! I have nothing against UKiss but this might misunderstand by the readers and Ukiss might gain supporters because of this wrong information. The readers might actually believe the article grrrrrrr...

I emailed already the newspaper. I said that their info is wrong and I corrected it. Hopefully they will changed what they wrote immediately.

You might think that I'm being exaggerated but this happened twice already in two different Newspapers. I won't say the newspaper's name but I'd say that these 2 is BIG in newspaper world.

[Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong's gift for TVXQ Kim Jae Jong's family new cosmetic store

Credti: ROCKJJ + Baidu Kim Jae Joong bar+TWTripleS
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Jaejoong's family opened
new cosmetic store "Crebeau-Jeff" in Myeongdong and Leader sent a China orchid called "Golden Cymbidium sinensis"

"Business is Booming" was written at the right side of the ribbon. 'Kim Hyun Joong' is written on the Left.

Leader's really a nice friend. I bet Leader's also close to Jaejoong's family too.. gaaahh! Jaejoong's lucky to have Leader as his best friend and Leader's lucky for having Jaejoong too.^_^

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I was thinking that I would not gonna go gaga when I see them in person. I just wanna see Ki Bum (yeah we all know, he's hyung joon's brother) in person to see if he really looks like his big brother.

Man! the minute I saw Ki bum!! aaaahhhkkkk ! I screamed my lungs out ! Holy crap! he really looks like his brother! It's just like seeing his twin ! hahaha.. even though we're far away from the stage, the experience is awesome! It's my first time to see a korean pop idol in person.

4 of my friends got in near the stage and they were like cursing them coz' they are so handsome! LOL!
The first 200 who purchased their album will get the chance to meet and greet and have an autograph with UKiss. But the oh-so-super-kind Manager let the first 600 fans to get the chance to have an autograph!!!
So luckily, 2 of my friends got an autograph. We were like a cheerleader, cheering for them the moment they hopped on the stage! here is there autographed album.
I think this is Dongho's signature

and this is Ki Bum's signature

And here's what you'll get if you're one of the lucky ones to get near the stage.

Here's our gift to Kibum, Hyung Joon and Choco hehehe..^_^

Inside that box is a letter to Kibum and Hyung Joon and dog chain for Choco kekeke..^_^

All in all my experience with Ukiss was a blast! I just saw Hyung Joon's twin hahahahahaha!
I'm really praying that the next will be SS501! oh crap! I would kill just to see them LIVE! SERIOUSLY!!!

just kiddin..^_^

Saturday, March 27, 2010

1st Asia Tour Seoul Persona DVD is out!

Wah!!! It's out!! gosh! My cousin told me that this is a must watch! Man! how am I suppose to have this?? huhuhuhu..It's expensive.darn. =(

Looks like I have to work hard on this... oh bummer!! I need to work!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rebirth Available at Odyssey Gateway

SS501's latest album Rebirth is available now in Odyssey Gateway. Whewsh! My friends and I actually ordered for it. Because, every time I looked for that album they always say ' is that a movie?' hahahaha LOL! We ordered for it so they would know what we are really looking for. And ofcourse! a lot of people are lookin for it!! We just made those a guys a favor kekekekeke...

So sa mga pinoy jan! bili na! pakyawin ang SS501! and let's prove that suju isn't the only kpop that exists!

Our boys's album is quite expensive compare to others but who cares? let's show our support to our boys! Who knows? they might actually notice that the sales here in the Philippines isn't that bad and make a plan to go here for a concert..kekekeke..^_^

Jihoo Wallet

The moment Ate Buge, showed me this wallet, No Second thoughts! hahaha! I bought it immediately! It's actually cheap, so i didn't mind at all buying it.. kekeke.. ^_^This is a plastic made wallet, it has pockets inside to place your cards, id's etc etc and it's really sturdy and hard enough to handle your personal stuffs and money.
cards and money not inlcuded! LOL!

I'm actually shy when we were buying it, coz' Boys over Flowers are popular here especially on teens and I think I'm out of that bracket already! LOL!

It's really a handy one, coz' you can fold it like this, and just put it anywhere you want. Just like a guy's wallet, but I bet guys won't buy for this one! LOL!

The only thing missing here is a coin purse. keke... but I don't care! as long as Jihoo is in my hands all is okay!

To those Filipinos who wants to buy it, The booth name is 'Funky Finds' located at Gateway Mall Level 2 and it's only for 50 pesos.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maknae Dancing LUPIN and Binguel Binguel!!

wahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! :smile:

Maknae's so funny here!!!!

He danced lupin hahahaha with feelings! hahaha!!

he's like the 6th member of Kara here!

he changed the lyrics as well! aaaahhhkk!!

MAKNAE!!! are you drugs?? hahahahaha

watch it here:


I found this Forum at Allkpop.. If you want to read some answers go here:

Well, at first I don't want to read those comment coz' I'm sure it will all be trash!!

But seriously, I'm touched to those who backed up our boys even they are not an Ss501 fan. I'm so happy reading this forum but yeah, there are negative points but majority is positive.

here are some comments:

from: Sheva88

I don't know why but in my country, as well as in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, SS501 are dominating the charts beating Super Junior the whole time, so to say that SS501 doesn't have as many fans as Suju is a pretty controversial point in a topic like this. But the hard truth is that Super Junior are kinda in the same state as SS501, not where they at for bands that are around after 5 years. SS501 are popular, overseas. They've actually gotten tonnes of awards last year, the Buzz Popularity Awards in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, as well as hitting number one in the charts for Because I'm Stupid, Love Like This and the list goes on in Singapore, and their album sales were beating out Super Junior and other Korean bands in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,as well as that online battle thing from a Korean E Mart (anyone remembered?) that beat over Big Bang and I can't remember which other bands. I'm always going to CD shops in sg and SS501 and TVXQ kept getting sold out that it gets frustrating for me to buy their albums. I remember that there was this point of time I was following SS501 quite closely and was rather shocked at the results they achieved overseas with the charts and all, beating out Super Junior's Sorry Sorry too when both bands entered the Taiwanese market at that point of time. So yeah.. My point is that SS501 are popular, it's just that it isn't really widely broadcasted on AKP.

But really, I thought they should have done better for a band that's been around for this long. And it's gotta be DSP's fault, they didn't properly market SS501 last year because they were so busy with Rainbow and KARA, that they just chucked them aside, and even their full album got delayed from last year till May that it's so annoying. SS501's got to change their management else they won't really go as far as the potential that they've got. IMO they only have a few more years to make it.

From: R@H

I like SS501 they just finished an Asia Concert Tour so obviously they have fans - im a fan - but compared to all the newcomers in Kpop ... they dont get much limelight

From: Sunnyfishy

I like their songs, but I don't know about their popularity
From: youtookmycupcake
They're not popular??

Thats a shocker to me. i got to love kpop thanks to SS501. They're super popular in Taiwan, Honkong etc.
I admit that i only knew about them after Boys over flowers but SS501 does not only depend on HyunJoong!
I first watched their music video from my friend and i immediately ran to order their previous albums.

They are always top in the charts when i watch taiwan music programs.

Maybe its because they spend more time overseas than in korea, an example would be their Asia tour which ended recently.

Anyways, they're having a comeback on 1 May (my birthday), hope everyone supports them T.T

From: CupCake1234

Compared to other groups, i don't think SS501 are that popular.
Although, doesn't stop me from loving them <3
From: blueparakeet
SS501 has a pretty big fanbase in Korea.
Internationally, well, they're not through-the-roof popular, but they're still pretty popular.
From: nohomo

I genereally like ss501's songs better than DBSK's but... i can name every member of DBSK but only a couple from ss501 :unsure:
From: kpopdiehardfan

seriously..anyone who said they are not popular is still new baby in kpop.
ss501 is one of the dbsk-suju-snsd-bigbang that if you with this big4 generation when they debut, you will surely know ss501..
please dont compare suju fanbase with ss501 fans because you totally unfair with them..the members gap is so huge what do you expect from that?
and please dont say they dont have talent in singing..its kpop by the way..kpop idol only need two or three members who actually can sing (except for dbsk).
and to the one who ask this not-reasonable question,please do some homework before ask this question again.
you have to see how crazy tripleS internationally and in korea itself.
and you have to see also their fans service..i think their fan service is no1.
they even play online game with the fans.
they also sponsored tripleS a mini concert during Boys Over Flowers final episode.
they keep smile & bow the fans in the airport..go and try youtube by yourself..
they take fans letter + gifts by themself in the airport.
Hyunjoong personally prepared free candy for their fans.
they prepared photo501 as a gift from their own camera.
they prepared a song for tripleS.
seriously.its too many to write down.
And this was my post keke :yay: :
I Agree with you there! Seriously, their fan service is the best!!
Where can you see a group cried because of their fan??

Actually, these are one of the issues kpop fans should have a sit and think about it.

You only see the looks, the talent, the popularity but you don't see the PASSION. PASSION from Idol to the Fan.
I mean, this should really become one of your criteria if you're new to kpop industry.

I Think SS501 loves their Fans more deeply than the other groups.

If you're a Triple S, you can feel what I'm saying.. seriously they LOVE US as they LOVE THEMSELVES!


Anyone can leave a comment as long as you're registered.
But don't worry it's not that hard to register! hehe

Monday, March 22, 2010

LEADER's CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong’s hot car “Porsche Cayenne GTS” SUV

ss501fighting | March 21, 2010 at 9:09 pm | Tags: 2010, boys group, Kim Hyun Joong, Korean, Kpop, photo, SS501 | Categories: Photos | URL:

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This picture of his car was taken when he played soccer with his friends.

Leader’s got good taste huh?? Black really looks elegant and sophisticated.

This car really fits leader, since it’s a quite big in size. Suits more for men.

Love Love Love!!!!

I wanna see him driving this car! I wonder how hot he is!!!


GUYS! let us help SS501 win in this poll!!

You can vote once a day till March 26, 2010!!!

Here are the Links: the first one (Korean Singer to Invite for Taiwan’s Music Awards):

here’s the second one:
(Which Korean Celeb ti present an Award)



Mal going back to Korea

[Photo][2010/03/21] SS501 PARK JUNG MIN back to KOREA @ Japan Haneda Airport
Credit: Pheromin+photo tag
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Mal really is a nice guy..never fails to say 'Hi' to his fans
even though his schedule is hectic!

such a nice guy!

Mal and Maknae did a TV Show in JAPAN

According to elley@daum it was a Japanese Tv Show that will feature Kpop that’s why Mal and Maknae went to Japan! kekeke.. this was a nice exposure for our boys..too bad saengie, leader and kyu wasn’t included.

The Tv show’s title is “Enthusiasm Stadium” KPOP Night of NHK BS2

Credit: ss501 fighting and elley@daum

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don’t ya miss ‘em?

It’s been a long time since SS501’s Rebirth debut. If I’m not mistaken, it was last October right? gawshh.. It’s been 4 months..hayyyy.. Don’t ya miss ‘em?? I miss all the scream and shout whenever they perform and the chants! shoot… i miss ‘em!!!I’m actually sad but excited at the same time! kekeke.. I wonder what is their concept this time?..hmmm..more sexier?? Can’t wait for the 501 day!! Ahhkkkk!! hope those converted fans realize what they’ve lost..changing sides! grr rr…how come you leave ss501 aside???? that’s so rude…. :sad:



Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Voting Work for Triple S!

Guys, we need to work again this time. There is another polls ongoing asking which Korean singer to invite for Taiwan's Music Awards and the other one is asking which Korean Celebrity to present an Award at the said event.

Here are the Links: the first one (Korean Singer to Invite for Taiwan's Music Awards):

here's the second one:
(Which Korean Celeb ti present an Award)

HOW TO VOTE?: just click the circle beside SS501, after that enter the codes being asked and be sure to enter the right code since it is sensitive to small and capital letters then click the orange button to the right side that says 投標 (vote). A pop window will appear, just click okay and after that it will bring you to the Results page.

As of now, SS501 is on 3rd spot on the first category. Suju and Bigbang is leading and on the 2nd category SS501 is second to SUJU. I read that last year it was SUJU who got invited.

NOTE: you can only vote once but I think you can vote again using other computer.

Credits: rbjdlg@soompi

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hyun Joong (SS501), Hwang Buin Hye Jung Still Have a Special Secret Relationship?

After the crowd's favorite couple from WGM ( We Got Married) had their farewell from the said show, rumors have it that these two personalities are still dating continuously only supporters haven't seen the truth but have enough proof that they are really dating as of the moment.
A lot of fan groups such as 'Joongboers', 'Ssangchu Class' etc etc have emerged believing these couple is still dating even Kim Hyun Joong already admitted that he dated for 5 months and it was already over.
However many are intrigued by these revelations since it was lack of evidence and some say it was only a coincidence. Some antis also said that WGM was scripted and the sweetness between the couples were all fake.
But it seems like our friends from the said fan groups really have a snake eyes that even a small picture connects from the other. They even spotted the so-called 'Secret Code Ring' which is really hard to see from a picture. Brilliant eyes is what I called they have for seeing such a relativity from a small thing to another. It's like a dot they patiently connect.

Up to this moment, these people are still ready to look for clues that Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) and Hwang Bo Hye Jung still have a relationship. They still believe.

credits: epal@soompi

SS501: No Other Cherishes Each Other Like They Do

There are no other groups who cherishes and relies on each other like they do

There was once when they went to Japan for BOF activities, KyuJong's photo was stick onto HyunJoong's passport
Lee MinHo's fan asked "HyunJoong oppa, why do you have KyuJong oppa's photo?"
"To see it when I miss (him/them) ^^"
They're always together, but at the same time still missing them.....
This is really like them.....^^

One MBC PD said :
"There are almost no other groups who cherishes and relies on each other like SS501.
They cherish each other unconsciously.
They even go to the toilet with all 5 together ^^"

SS501 manager said :
"The dialed phone history of the boys have no one else besides themselves...."
They're always together....

And the first thing that the boys say when they meet each other,
is blurting out jokingly "Did you miss me?"

JungMin would joke to HyungJoon every morning "BoBo (kiss)", and HyungJoon will go "CHU~"
These boys are just thinking nonsenses.......
But to me, they look so cute ^^

What is unreasonable?
Rumors that the members did not get along well?
501 lives together like this ^^
Your relationships are good and it's very very great to see you in harmony
SS501 with love

Credits : + (Chinese Translation) redcat111 @ + (English Translation) xiaochu @

I totally agree with this! They are actually different from other Kpop group. Why? well you just have to know them all and surely you will get what this article really means.

I admit that other Kpop groups have much talent than with these guys, but at the end of the day, those talent won't bring them anywhere else especially if they can't handle it properly and I can say that these 5 Super Star Men (SS501) are not only talented but they have this kind of bond that will absolutely be forever as one! Not to mention their fans (Triple S and Green Peas). This fan group will surely stick to this 5 Lovely men as long as they live! So better not mess up with 'em..=)