Friday, March 26, 2010

Rebirth Available at Odyssey Gateway

SS501's latest album Rebirth is available now in Odyssey Gateway. Whewsh! My friends and I actually ordered for it. Because, every time I looked for that album they always say ' is that a movie?' hahahaha LOL! We ordered for it so they would know what we are really looking for. And ofcourse! a lot of people are lookin for it!! We just made those a guys a favor kekekekeke...

So sa mga pinoy jan! bili na! pakyawin ang SS501! and let's prove that suju isn't the only kpop that exists!

Our boys's album is quite expensive compare to others but who cares? let's show our support to our boys! Who knows? they might actually notice that the sales here in the Philippines isn't that bad and make a plan to go here for a concert..kekekeke..^_^

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