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I found this Forum at Allkpop.. If you want to read some answers go here:

Well, at first I don't want to read those comment coz' I'm sure it will all be trash!!

But seriously, I'm touched to those who backed up our boys even they are not an Ss501 fan. I'm so happy reading this forum but yeah, there are negative points but majority is positive.

here are some comments:

from: Sheva88

I don't know why but in my country, as well as in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, SS501 are dominating the charts beating Super Junior the whole time, so to say that SS501 doesn't have as many fans as Suju is a pretty controversial point in a topic like this. But the hard truth is that Super Junior are kinda in the same state as SS501, not where they at for bands that are around after 5 years. SS501 are popular, overseas. They've actually gotten tonnes of awards last year, the Buzz Popularity Awards in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, as well as hitting number one in the charts for Because I'm Stupid, Love Like This and the list goes on in Singapore, and their album sales were beating out Super Junior and other Korean bands in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,as well as that online battle thing from a Korean E Mart (anyone remembered?) that beat over Big Bang and I can't remember which other bands. I'm always going to CD shops in sg and SS501 and TVXQ kept getting sold out that it gets frustrating for me to buy their albums. I remember that there was this point of time I was following SS501 quite closely and was rather shocked at the results they achieved overseas with the charts and all, beating out Super Junior's Sorry Sorry too when both bands entered the Taiwanese market at that point of time. So yeah.. My point is that SS501 are popular, it's just that it isn't really widely broadcasted on AKP.

But really, I thought they should have done better for a band that's been around for this long. And it's gotta be DSP's fault, they didn't properly market SS501 last year because they were so busy with Rainbow and KARA, that they just chucked them aside, and even their full album got delayed from last year till May that it's so annoying. SS501's got to change their management else they won't really go as far as the potential that they've got. IMO they only have a few more years to make it.

From: R@H

I like SS501 they just finished an Asia Concert Tour so obviously they have fans - im a fan - but compared to all the newcomers in Kpop ... they dont get much limelight

From: Sunnyfishy

I like their songs, but I don't know about their popularity
From: youtookmycupcake
They're not popular??

Thats a shocker to me. i got to love kpop thanks to SS501. They're super popular in Taiwan, Honkong etc.
I admit that i only knew about them after Boys over flowers but SS501 does not only depend on HyunJoong!
I first watched their music video from my friend and i immediately ran to order their previous albums.

They are always top in the charts when i watch taiwan music programs.

Maybe its because they spend more time overseas than in korea, an example would be their Asia tour which ended recently.

Anyways, they're having a comeback on 1 May (my birthday), hope everyone supports them T.T

From: CupCake1234

Compared to other groups, i don't think SS501 are that popular.
Although, doesn't stop me from loving them <3
From: blueparakeet
SS501 has a pretty big fanbase in Korea.
Internationally, well, they're not through-the-roof popular, but they're still pretty popular.
From: nohomo

I genereally like ss501's songs better than DBSK's but... i can name every member of DBSK but only a couple from ss501 :unsure:
From: kpopdiehardfan

seriously..anyone who said they are not popular is still new baby in kpop.
ss501 is one of the dbsk-suju-snsd-bigbang that if you with this big4 generation when they debut, you will surely know ss501..
please dont compare suju fanbase with ss501 fans because you totally unfair with them..the members gap is so huge what do you expect from that?
and please dont say they dont have talent in singing..its kpop by the way..kpop idol only need two or three members who actually can sing (except for dbsk).
and to the one who ask this not-reasonable question,please do some homework before ask this question again.
you have to see how crazy tripleS internationally and in korea itself.
and you have to see also their fans service..i think their fan service is no1.
they even play online game with the fans.
they also sponsored tripleS a mini concert during Boys Over Flowers final episode.
they keep smile & bow the fans in the airport..go and try youtube by yourself..
they take fans letter + gifts by themself in the airport.
Hyunjoong personally prepared free candy for their fans.
they prepared photo501 as a gift from their own camera.
they prepared a song for tripleS.
seriously.its too many to write down.
And this was my post keke :yay: :
I Agree with you there! Seriously, their fan service is the best!!
Where can you see a group cried because of their fan??

Actually, these are one of the issues kpop fans should have a sit and think about it.

You only see the looks, the talent, the popularity but you don't see the PASSION. PASSION from Idol to the Fan.
I mean, this should really become one of your criteria if you're new to kpop industry.

I Think SS501 loves their Fans more deeply than the other groups.

If you're a Triple S, you can feel what I'm saying.. seriously they LOVE US as they LOVE THEMSELVES!


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