Friday, March 19, 2010

Hyun Joong (SS501), Hwang Buin Hye Jung Still Have a Special Secret Relationship?

After the crowd's favorite couple from WGM ( We Got Married) had their farewell from the said show, rumors have it that these two personalities are still dating continuously only supporters haven't seen the truth but have enough proof that they are really dating as of the moment.
A lot of fan groups such as 'Joongboers', 'Ssangchu Class' etc etc have emerged believing these couple is still dating even Kim Hyun Joong already admitted that he dated for 5 months and it was already over.
However many are intrigued by these revelations since it was lack of evidence and some say it was only a coincidence. Some antis also said that WGM was scripted and the sweetness between the couples were all fake.
But it seems like our friends from the said fan groups really have a snake eyes that even a small picture connects from the other. They even spotted the so-called 'Secret Code Ring' which is really hard to see from a picture. Brilliant eyes is what I called they have for seeing such a relativity from a small thing to another. It's like a dot they patiently connect.

Up to this moment, these people are still ready to look for clues that Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) and Hwang Bo Hye Jung still have a relationship. They still believe.

credits: epal@soompi

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