Sunday, March 28, 2010


I was thinking that I would not gonna go gaga when I see them in person. I just wanna see Ki Bum (yeah we all know, he's hyung joon's brother) in person to see if he really looks like his big brother.

Man! the minute I saw Ki bum!! aaaahhhkkkk ! I screamed my lungs out ! Holy crap! he really looks like his brother! It's just like seeing his twin ! hahaha.. even though we're far away from the stage, the experience is awesome! It's my first time to see a korean pop idol in person.

4 of my friends got in near the stage and they were like cursing them coz' they are so handsome! LOL!
The first 200 who purchased their album will get the chance to meet and greet and have an autograph with UKiss. But the oh-so-super-kind Manager let the first 600 fans to get the chance to have an autograph!!!
So luckily, 2 of my friends got an autograph. We were like a cheerleader, cheering for them the moment they hopped on the stage! here is there autographed album.
I think this is Dongho's signature

and this is Ki Bum's signature

And here's what you'll get if you're one of the lucky ones to get near the stage.

Here's our gift to Kibum, Hyung Joon and Choco hehehe..^_^

Inside that box is a letter to Kibum and Hyung Joon and dog chain for Choco kekeke..^_^

All in all my experience with Ukiss was a blast! I just saw Hyung Joon's twin hahahahahaha!
I'm really praying that the next will be SS501! oh crap! I would kill just to see them LIVE! SERIOUSLY!!!

just kiddin..^_^

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