Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Ever Open Letter To My Sisters Triple S

I've been a fan since August 2009. At that time, I was a novice. I didn't know anything much about Kpop. The rules, the fandom, the tradition, I didn't know anything about those yet. All I care about is Kim Hyun Joong and eventually SS501. Since then, I proclaimed myself as a 'Fangirl'. As a novice, I believed everything I saw and read. Ignorance ran through me that even gossips I believed. As time goes by, I began to learn. I began to learn what's right and wrong. I learned how to defend what and who's on the right side. But that's just me. I tend to fight but in a good and equal way. And so my story as a fan continues. Here I am, blogging, translating, updating, stalking etc.

Whenever I met new fans, I'm always eager to feed their young minds about our boys. I'm always willing to give what they need for them to know more about SS501. I would do anything for SS501. SS501 is now my family. Ever since I became a fan, I never left. They cry, I cry. They laugh, I laugh. Protecting them is what I feel I need to do in my stage as a fan. I am not one of the pioneers but there's this feeling that always in me and that is to protect them.

SS501 may not be the best but for me they are. The best not because of their skills or looks or charisma, for me they are the best because they are now a part of me. I feel like they are part now of myself and my family and the definition of a family for me is 'Nobody should be left behind'. SS501 now is my pride and it only means, if they are hurt then my pride hurts as well.

Now, this so-called news site about Kpop had inflicted violent and harmful posts/articles about SS501. Yeah, I know these are old articles already but you know what concerns me? Is that this site up to this very moment is letting that article destroy inch by inch of what had left to SS501 as a group. Yes I know and we know in ourselves the truth about SS501, but what about the new fans and the potential ones? Aren't you guys worried what will those new fans think if they read those articles? For example this article about Leader.

This article simply showed how the writer hates Kim Hyun Joong. I'm actually thankful because the writer was concern about the other 4 members, but what about Leader? Okay fine, you hate him, you're disgusted about his 'cracking voice' etc etc.,but where's the writer's ethics when he/she wrote this? What is Allkpop by the way? A blog or a News site? Maybe a blog, 'coz every writer are allowed to write whatever they feel. Alright then I got you now, this was an old article past is past blah blah and maybe Allkpop kicked out the writer already or whatever disciplinary actions the admins did but the big question is 'WHY IS IT STILL POSTED IN THE SITE?' Why is it still readable up to this very moment? Why? Why Allkpop, why?
Worst is, that is not the only article still exposed to the world wide web.
I know Allkpop is now one of the biggest news site about Kpop but that made my concerns even bigger. Allkpop now has a larger influence and readers might believe everything they post and the least I can do as a fan is to protect SS501 be it individual or as a group.

These articles, even though they are old the fans can still read those whenever they want to and still open to the public. I know Allkpop can erase posts/article if they want to. What about those articles with wrong information? Didn't they erased it right away they realized they're wrong? So why the hell those articles about Kim Hyun Joong is a Robot, SS501 Is Just A Pretty Face With No Substace and so on still posted? Why Allkpop? Why?

I don't have any power to shut Allkpop down. That'll be my deepest wish as of the moment but what I want is for Allkpop to erase those articles. What? There are so many articles now posted in Allkpop that they can't monitor what article has been offending and inflicted with harmful words? Alright to my readers, in case you have any connections to Allkpop, could you please give these links to them so they can be warned what to erase from their ever reliable site?

1. The Robot Cuts His Hair written by Jeen http://www.allkpop.com/2009/02/the_robot_cuts_his_hair
2. Triple S Is Mad at Hyun Joong written by Jeen http://www.allkpop.com/2009/03/triple_s_is_mad_at_kim_hyun_joong
3. SS501 Appointed as Ambassadors For Korea Airports Co., written by TheProdigy http://www.allkpop.com/2009/07/ss501_appointed_as_Ambassadors_for_korea_airports_co

If you found any harmful articles of Allkpop or other sites about any other artists, don't hesitate to do something about it. We are a fan, and I believe one of our duties is to protect our Idol. 

To those news sites, we are their customers, they serve us and so we are always right. Customers are always correct, right? So why just keep quiet?

Why Am I writing this? 'Coz I'm sick and tired to be a part of the most peaceful fandom in kpop industry that always hiding in the shade whenever our idols are being bashed. Hey, we are not mute. We have voices, we have strength, we have enough resources to fight and protect. I'm not saying you do nasty things, SS501 didn't taught us to be like that. I'm just saying, keeping quiet since from the beginning is too much already. Aren't you guys tired of being the underdog? Our family is big, what is there to be afraid about? I know deep inside you want to do something about it but just don't know how. Now I'm handing you the first step. Share this to all the sites you can until it reached to Allkpop, I know I'm not alone here so do whatever you can, we have resources, we just don't know how to use it. Now I'm here sacrificing my name, but I don't care. This is too much and has to stop. We are not the underdogs anymore. We can fight coz we are Triple S, the most peaceful and CLEVER fandom in Kpop Industry. 

Thank You for reading my letter and now you're free to hate me.

Jan. 28, 2012
Allkpop already erased those articles with the help of our fellow Triple S! Thank you so much to those who helped. This couldn't be a success without you! ^^, 

Thank You @Tenessis_ET on twitter for writing a letter to allkpop requesting for those articles to be erased. ^^

This somehow send Allkpop the message that Triple S and SS501 are untouchable if we are united.
See! If we are together in this nothing's possible! Nothing to be afraid about! Good job TS! ^^

Now I can say that we are the most peaceful and CLEVER fandom! Don't let other people step on us in the future! Never again! ^^

Since Allkpop already erased those articles, Don't worry I got your back. ^^ 
Here are the screencaps I took regarding those harmful and nerve-wracking articles.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Just like my friends, I will also be giving away one of my spare albums of Leader 'Breakdown'. But to make it sweeter, I included 1 poster and a tumbler as one of the prizes. ^^ So all TS & Henecians who weren't able to attend Leader's album launch, this is your chance to have your album and freebies ^^
Prizes at stake: 1 KHJ 'Breakdown' album (PH edition)

                        1 KHJ 'Lucky' tumbler
                        1 KHJ poster

How to join
1. Comment on this post by:
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Your wish to SS501 this 2012:

1. One comment one entry.
2. Raffle ends on Jan. 29, 2012.
3. Prizes will be given on Park Jung Min's event (Meet up) Feb. 17-18 2012.
4. If you want it to be delivered, you will have to shoulder the shipping fee.
5. For PH only.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[Partial Translation] Kim Hyung Jun 'Finally I'm Acting, Year 2012 You're Mine!'

I already post the translation several days ago in 'Glowing She' soompi thread but I will still post here for those of you still not able to read the interview. Uri Hyung Jun really is a mature man now. He looked up to his hyungs as an actor. His no.1 inspiration is none other than the Leader of his group and big brother Kim Hyun Joong. How sweet of our Maknae.

The translations aren't complete, just partial. I chose significant words only from uri Hyung Jun. Some of it are rough translations, If you have corrections feel free to correct me.

Source: Daily Focus
Translation: http://www.cheezeemelt.blogspot.com
Re-posted from 'Glowing She' 'Glowing She' Soompi Thread
Repost with full credits. Thanks!

'Finally, I am acting, Year 2012 You're Mine!'

Kim Hyung Jun: When I was watching Hyun Joong hyung in 'Boys Over Flowers, I thought to myself that I will be like him and do well too. An opportunity came but I wasn't able to reach it. But Now I think it's my turn. Now it's my year and I have a feeling and I'm hearing that I can do this powerfully and effectively. Hahaha!

Hyung Jun: As I remember it correctly, last year for me is eventful but I don't think I did enough. I think what I did last year will easily fade. During the New Year, my first morning was pleasant to me. I will keep it for myself as my stepping stone.

Hyung Jun: Before while other members debuted as an actor, when I'm watching them I said to myself that I will be like them. Then there came a good opportunity but it got delayed. I felt frustrated and disappointed but now it's all resolved.

Hyung Jun: While watching the movie 'My Way', I felt ecstatic while watching it and I want to appear in that kind of war movie. Jang Dong Gun Sunbae-nim is really good. Even though I don't know yet what's the feeling in the military, I still want to experience it even once. In that way I think I might be able to show Kim Hyung Jun really is a man.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Live Stream for Kim Hyung Jun's Drama 'Glowing She'

Here is how to watch Jjunie's drama live online ^^ Thanks a lot for @HJ_fan on twitter and Prettyboy for giving us idea on how to watch it through the internet! 

The Steps are very easy. 

Source: Prettyboy
Credit: HJ_fan@twitter
Tutorial by: http://www.cheezeemelt.blogspot.com
Please remain the credits intact when reposting. Thanks!

Step 1. go here: http://mydown.yesky.com/hot/down/index.html
Type 'Solive' at the search box and click the search button.

Step 2. After clicking it, you will then be transferred to this page:
Just click the encircled part.

And then you will go here:
Step 3. Click the button with red circle.

Step 4. After clicking it, you download set-up will start any moment. Just wait for it.

Alternative DL link, go here: http://www.mysolive.tv/index.html
Step 1. Just click the 'Download' button.

After you click the 'Download' button, you will transferred to a new window.
Step 2. Click any Mirror Links (any will do)
Step 3. After you choose a Mirror Link, it will automatically download the software then wait for it to be finished.

Now that you downloaded it already, all you need to do is to register.

Step 1. Go here http://www.mysolive.tv/user/register.html
Step 2. Just put your general information
**If you can read hangul, then much better. You can find your Location and Nationality easily but if not here's some guide: If you're from: (Just look at it on the choices)
Philippines: 필리핀
Indonesia: 인도네시아
Malaysia: 말레이시아
Singapore: 싱가포르

** If your country is not in my guide, just tweet me @Cheezeemelt501 or PM me in FB Cheezeemelt FiveOone or Kakao me: Dulce88

Step 5. After registration, you can then go log-in in your Solive player ^^
Just wait for a few seconds for it to play. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun's First Acting Debut ''I was really worried''

Source: EToday
English Translation: http://www.cheezeemelt.blogspot.com
Please do not take out the credits when reposting, Thanks!

Kim Hyung Jun's First Acting Debut ''I was really worried''

Singer Kim Hyung Jun from SS501 initially expressed his feelings on his first drama debut.

Cable channel KBS N held its press conference for the new drama 'She's Glowing' in Yeoksamdong Novotel Ambassador Hotel today 1/4 at 3pm.

Kim Hyung Jun when asked what's the feeling to debut as an actor he answered 'I was really nervous and trembling'. Continued ''I've been a singer for a long time, I worried a lot and feel afraid that people will look different on me as an actor''  ''I will give more of my best in the future'' 

Kim Hyung Jun also said ''I will work had until I get a recognition''

In the drama 'She's Glowing' Kim Hyung Jun played the role of a Top Star named Kang Min.

Meanwhile Kim Hyung Jun together with So Lee Hyeon will star the 12 episode drama 'Glowing She' on the 7th at 10:40pm and episodes 1 and 2 will air continuously.

Strong Heart Casts Cheered for Kim Kyu Jong and Oh Se Jung's Hug 'With Sweet and Shy Smile'

Source: plokm02@seoul.co.kr
Photo credit to SBS 'Strong Heart' Screen capture
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Strong Heart Casts Cheered for Kim Kyu Jong and Oh Se Jung's Hug 'With Sweet and Shy Smile'

Singer Kim Kyu Jong and Actress Oh Se Jung gave each other a hug on their first meeting in public. 

On the past episode of Strong Heart last Jan.3, Kim Kyu Jong and Oh Se Jung appeared as guest with much anticipation. 

Kim Kyu Jong has been broadcasting several times that his ideal match is Oh Se Jung. 

The panelist Kim Hyo Jin, Chung Sun Hee, Kim Chung, Boom and even MC Lee Sung Gi cheered and gave support to Kim Kyu Jong Oh Se Jung's hug like if it was a victory.

MC Lee Seung Gi said on their first hug "That's not a hug between a junior and a senior'' Chung Sun Hee requested ''It's mandatory that you should give fanservice'' said on the side.
Panel Kim Hyo Jin said ''Do a back-hug!''.

Chung Sun Hee said to the hesitant Kyu Jong ''Give her a back-hug after you say 'Happy New Year' ''. Boom and MC Lee Seung Gi then showed them a back-hug demonstration. Kim Kyu Jong then hugged Oh Se Jung once again more passionately. 

On the other hand, with the question 'Have you guys contacted each other off-cam?', Kim Kyu Jong and Oh Se Jung simultaneously said 'Yes' and that answer caused and draws attention from the cast. 

Kim Kyu Jong's Dream-Like Encounter With Oh Se Jung 'I Was Really Thrilled'

While I was watching Strong Heart with Kyu Jong and Oh Se Jung last night, I can't help but smile and feel happy for Kyu Jong. ^^ 

Don't forget to watch the 2nd part of Strong Heart with Kyu and Oh Se Jung next tuesday at 11:15pm KST.

Meanwhile here's an article about them I translated ^^~

Source: hbh@asiatoday.co.kr
Please do not take out credits when re-posting. Thanks!

Kim Kyu Jong's Dream-Like Encounter With Oh Se Jung 'I Was Really Thrilled'

From SS501 group Kim Kyu Jong met his usual ideal girl Oh Se Jung and was overwhelmed. Yesterday, in SBS' 'Strong Heart' Kim Kyu Jong appeared together with Oh Se Jung who can not hide the tense on their face. 
He steadily broadcasted and confessed that Oh Se Jung is indeed his 'Ideal Match'.

Kim Kyu Jong smiling and ashamed said ''2 years ago after I confessed, I accidentally stumbled upon her on the road. My eyes went really big and the fans were really surprised when they saw me with that reaction. That was our first meeting''.

Oh Se Jung who also appeared in the past episodes was so grateful to Kyu Jong choosing her as one of his special someone.

During the episode, Oh Se Jung said that since then many people actually thought she is going out with him. ''Many people thought that we are actually really dating''. An endoscopy nurse once asked me ''You're the girlfriend of an idol, aren't you?'' 

Both of them hugged each other and created a warm atmosphere in the studio. 

In addition the two gave each other a glance and confessed that they contacted each other off-cam.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun's New Drama 'Glowing She' First Airing Details

Well,well, well!!! Our Maknae is on the go! His first official drama will start next week! Oh boy! I can't wait! The posters and teasers are sooooo nice! I hope his drama will be a big success just like his Hyun Joong Hyung's! =D

Source: http://www.kbsn.co.kr/drama/jabal_girl/
Posted by: http://www.cheezeemelt.blogspot.com
Teaser Uploader: PRETTYBOYJUN2
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Drama First Airing Details:

Title: Glowing She
When: Jan.07 2012
Time: 10:40 pm KST**
Channel: KBS
** Note that episodes 1 & 2 will air continuously

Character Details

Promotional Posters

Drama Teasers