Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[Partial Translation] Kim Hyung Jun 'Finally I'm Acting, Year 2012 You're Mine!'

I already post the translation several days ago in 'Glowing She' soompi thread but I will still post here for those of you still not able to read the interview. Uri Hyung Jun really is a mature man now. He looked up to his hyungs as an actor. His no.1 inspiration is none other than the Leader of his group and big brother Kim Hyun Joong. How sweet of our Maknae.

The translations aren't complete, just partial. I chose significant words only from uri Hyung Jun. Some of it are rough translations, If you have corrections feel free to correct me.

Source: Daily Focus
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'Finally, I am acting, Year 2012 You're Mine!'

Kim Hyung Jun: When I was watching Hyun Joong hyung in 'Boys Over Flowers, I thought to myself that I will be like him and do well too. An opportunity came but I wasn't able to reach it. But Now I think it's my turn. Now it's my year and I have a feeling and I'm hearing that I can do this powerfully and effectively. Hahaha!

Hyung Jun: As I remember it correctly, last year for me is eventful but I don't think I did enough. I think what I did last year will easily fade. During the New Year, my first morning was pleasant to me. I will keep it for myself as my stepping stone.

Hyung Jun: Before while other members debuted as an actor, when I'm watching them I said to myself that I will be like them. Then there came a good opportunity but it got delayed. I felt frustrated and disappointed but now it's all resolved.

Hyung Jun: While watching the movie 'My Way', I felt ecstatic while watching it and I want to appear in that kind of war movie. Jang Dong Gun Sunbae-nim is really good. Even though I don't know yet what's the feeling in the military, I still want to experience it even once. In that way I think I might be able to show Kim Hyung Jun really is a man.

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