Monday, August 29, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong and Filipina Grandmother making a mashed charm 'It's Great'

Finally, the grandma fan of Kim Hyun Joong already spreading to Korean Netizens and they were so happy about it. ^^ 


Kim Hyun Joong and Filipina Grandmother making a mashed charm 'It's Great~'
source: enews24 + Choi Min Ji
Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt
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[enews 24 Choi Min Ji Journalist] Filipina Grandmother fell into SS501's member Kim Hyun Joong's charm.

Recently, an online community and cosmetic brand The Face Shop Asia tour met with a 74 year-old grandmother and their photo was shown. She is a loyal fan of Kim Hyun Joong and with a help of her daughter she was able to participate a charity auction of Kim Hyun Joong's sport pants.

In the end, she was able to win the auction and was able to meet Kim Hyun Joong up close and personal. Kim Hyun Joong consistently gave her a heartwarming flower-like smile that resulting an exciting atmosphere.

Netizens said such as ' I see warmth again' 'Uzoosin really awesome! Grandma, you really rock!' ' Grandma. live healthier' 'Grandma is really lovely' 

[photo from = online community]

Journalist Choi Min Ji

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hi5 Event Venue Sketch

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I don't know what title would be suitable for this post but I just want to give you guys an idea how will the arrangement look like. This is for those who are worried if they can still watch if they aren't able to be included to the first 400. 

Green: Seat plan (if there's any)
Red: Metal stands (dunno how to name this one kekeke but this I think will supposed to secure the area)



As you can see, yes you can still watch or have a glimpse at the event be it on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor. Remember this is a mall and it's open for the public. The problem is, Leader's face isn't that big so I'm afraid you will see him properly considering Trinoma management might not put chairs and so those first 500 might be standing and might block your way to Leader but we'll never know. 

So there, my apologies if these sketch is such a mess hehehe I'm not really an expert when it comes this kind of thingy hehehe. Hope it helps! ^^

Just some reminders:

Hi5 Event at Trinoma Activity Center 8/25/11: 

- Line starts at 10am but the event itself will start at 6pm.
- This is not a fanmeeting or whatsoever. 
- No autograph signing, photo op or handshaking. 
- Kim Hyun Joong will just give you a Hi-5 and ofcourse a smile ^___^ hehehe.. 
- The Face Shop Event 8/26/11 at 5pm


See Ya'all!!! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Raffle! Raffle! Kim Hyun Joong Breakdown Album,Philippine version is up waiting for you!

Hello ,Pretties!

Who would like to have a copy ,or an additional spare of Kim Hyun Joong's Breakdown album Philippine version?
A friend of mine is having a raffle for it.. you can visit her blog for details..

So,Goodluck!! :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong' High-Five Touch Event,Philippine Promo Tour' Promotional Posters



Kim Hyun Joong 'High Five Touch Event Promo Tour ' Promotional Posters are on display!
Location: in Trinoma Mall..Activity Center and outside the building

See you all!

[ photos all are taken by me :-) ]



Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng's Congratulatory Message to KCC Philippines

Our Leader and Otter Prince congratulated the opening of Korean Culture Center in The Philippines! 

We Triple S would like to send our greetings to KCCPH too! ^^,

video credits to kccphil@youtube

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong is Coming to Manila - The Philippine Star

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When someone posted in FB that Leader has an article from The Philippine Star (newspaper), I immediately texted my father who's at his office by that time to get me a copy of that newspaper. I got it last night but wasn't able to post it here coz uhmmmm I'm kinda not in the mood to post kekekeke mian ^^ 
So when my dad handed me the newspaper when he got home last night, he said ' O ayan..Korean nanaman ba?!' (here.. is it because of a korean again?!) hahaha ^^
Funny, looks like my dad is getting stressed up because of my addiction. Anyways, thanks pap!^^

Here are some photos I took of the newspaper ^^ 
Gives me goosebumps when I read 'Kim Hyun Joong is coming to Manila'. It's like so surreal for me! ^^

Here's the whole article taken from

                                               Kim Hyun Joong is coming to Manila
                                 (August 03, 2011)

MANILA, Philippines - In celebration of its fifth anniversary in the Philippines, The Face Shop, Korea’s first cosmetic company committed to nature, brings Playful Kiss star Kim Hyun Joong to Manila on Aug. 25 to 26.
The style icon and leader of the K-pop group, Kim Hyun Joong rose to fame for his role as Yoon Ji Hoo in the 200 hit drama series Boys Over Flowers. With his winning smile and impeccable fashion sense, Kim Hyun Joong represents The Face Shop’s clean and natural brand image, a niche that has won the company many awards, including Korea Grand Prize Brand Award, bestowed by the Korean president.
Kim will meet fans in an autograph signing and photo-op session.

 The Natural Story

While the rest of the world goes green only now, The Face Shop started a mission eight years ago grounded on its natural philosophy to create products from approximately 600 natural ingredients for skin care, bath and body, hair, nail and makeup that nourish and revitalize the skin.
The Face Shop showed remarkable accomplishment in both Korea and overseas and strengthened its position as a global leading cosmetic brand. Now, it is present in 19 countries across Asia Pacific, America, Europe and Middle East, with more than 1,100 stores worldwide and with a brand portfolio of more than 1,000 products.
Looking back, it has been five years since the powerhouse behind Bench — Suyen Corporation — brought The Face Shop to the Philippines and introduced a new brand of skin care and cosmetics, carrying the brand essence of high-quality products made with ingredients from nature.

 The Infinite makeup range consists of a primer, foundation, and pressed powder.

As a treat to the customers’ clamor in Davao, The Face Shop opened its 25th store in Abreeza Mall last May. To date, it has grown to 25 stores found in major malls in Metro Manila, Cebu, Pampanga, Bacolod and Davao.

The Arsainte Eco Therapy line promises youthful complexion with products made from all-natural ingredients. 

The Face Shop’s success is anchored upon the concepts naturalism, variety and value. These three work hand in hand to bring the finest products in the industry today. And as part of the growing trend and paying homage to its core philosophy, The Face Shop is introducing its new eco-friendly line of products this month: the Arsainte Eco-Therapy Skin Care Line and Arsainte Aroma Therapy Bodycare Line.
The certified organic skin care range offers a complete beauty regimen for a smooth and radiant skin. It contains active and organically sourced natural ingredients from all over the world designed to address dryness that causes skin to prematurely wrinkle and age. It has Wild Pansy, bamboo extracts and Korean traditional thyme that strengthen the ability of the skin to hold water, thus locking in moisture in the skin making it smoother and more supple. The range uses seven-free system that guarantees the products are free from Paraben, artificial fragrance, alcohol, organic pigment, mineral oil, benzophenone and animal ingredient. All these work in harmony to promote radiance and youthful skin. With Arsainte Eco-Therapy, you can take care of your skin while taking care of the environment.

Exciting Treats

 The Face Shop, the leader in naturally made Korean Cosmetic, offers over 1,000 products in its comprehensive range.
To thank its loyal followers, The Face Shop holds the “Give Me Five” raffle promo. Valued customers now have a chance to go on vacation to Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa.

And as shoppers become environmentally aware and demand more eco-friendly choices, The Face Shop has taken big strides to reduce its impact on the environment by giving away free eco bags.
Because of these core concepts, The Face Shop has gained a large group of fans, including famous Korean personalities who swear by the company’s high-quality products. These include pop icons Bae Yong Joon and Gianna Jun, as well as their current endorser, Kim Hyun Joong, style icon and leader of popular K-pop group.
But the celebration doesn’t stop there, The Face Shop promises a wider array of new product launches with superior product result attributes and unique formulations. Also this year, The Face Shop will create “The Natural Story” that will be the centerpiece for the celebration.

The Face Shop has branches at Glorietta, TriNoma, SM North Edsa The Block, SM Megamall, Bonifacio High Street, Global City, SM Mall of Asia, Shangrila, Rockwell, Robinsons Ermita –Midtown Wing, Robinsons Galleria, SM Cebu, Eastwood Mall , Alabang Town Center, Ayala Center Cebu, SM Pampanga, Festival SuperMall, SM City Clark, Pampanga, SM Fairview, SM City Bacolod, Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center, SM Taytay, SM Southmall, Newport City, SM Novaliches, Abreeza Mall, Davao.

Orange and bronze tones complement the season’s vibrant fashions.
The Vita Mask sheets revitalize and brighten tired skin.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top 10 Twitter's Most Number of Followers in Korea [Celebrity]

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I stumbled upon this Iphone application where I can see who's got the most number of followers in Korean Twitter. So I thought I'd share it with you.

This somehow will determine the popularity of a Korean Celebrity or a Public figure in Twitter world.

Top 10 Twitter's Most Number of Followers in Korea

1. @oisoo (Lee Oisoo) - Korean Novelist w/870,341 followers
2. @donghae861015 (Super Junior's Lee Dong Hae) - w/601,956 followers
3. @siwon407 (Super Junior's Choi Si Won)- w/596,592 followers
4. @Heedictator (Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul) - w/ 577,501 followers
5. @Khunnie0624 (2pm's Nickhun) - w/ 532,270followers
6. @keumkangkyung (not sure who he is ^^) - w/ 526,365 followers
7. @mjjeje (JYJ's Kim Jae Joong) - w/ 522,239 followers
8. @2AMkwon (2am's Jo Kwon) - w/ 473,285 followers
9. @special1004 (Super Junior's Lee Teuk) - w/ 451,728 followers
10. @AllRiseSilver (Super Junior's Eun Hyuk) - w/ 435,591 followers 

And here's our boySS's ranking ^^

64. @HyungJun87 (SS501's Kim Hyung Jun) - w/ 179,959 followers
159. @JungMin0403 (SS501's Park Jung Min) - w/ 114,870 followers
265. @2kjdream (SS501's Kim Kyu Jong) - w/ 80,647 followers
272. @mystyle1103 (SS501's Heo Young Saeng) - w/ 77,980 followers

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The 2nd Annual Kpop and Culture Fest in Manila [7.31.11]

The 2nd Kpop and Culture Fest held last July 31,2011 at SM Megamall was surely a blast..There were a vast number of attendees,ranging from the young ones and the young once alike,coz ive seen lots of ahjummas there:-)
Programs and special numbers from different kpop groups started before lunchtime..sadly i wasn't able to finish the whole event til 9pm.
The event also had some traders selling kpop goodies and what a sight i'd seen ..such a commotion..girls panicked in digging and choosing for merchandizes of their favorite kpop idols ,literally bumping one another just to have a peek on each's jam packed!
Triple S Philippines also joined the fan chant,with Kim Hyun Joong's Breakdown as the chosen song, and though we were not able to bag the top price,we surely gave our best and enjoyed every minute of it.What an adrenaline rush!
It was an event worth remembering and will be included in my fangirling journal...and to all organizers of the fest,my congratulations for its success!
So ,see you all again for our next fangirling adventure..( Hi-five event with Kim Hyun Joong?) It's on my calendar now. :-)

here are some shots taken during the event.

the poster

                                                            entrance of the hall

long cue!


traders and the shoppers,can you see which one?

and the lovely Triple S Philippines who joined the you pretties!

Philippine's SS501,' 5 Young Men as 1' ,also participated in the event,dancing to Kim Hyun Joong's Breakdown

( The Faceshop's Kim Hyun Joong in Manila ' Raffle Promo)

" It's A Good Thing"
I utter those words twice today.

Since The Faceshop announced their mechanics about their promo for Kim Hyun Joong in Manila,I became restless and plan on when will I buy mine.
So ,a friend of mine told me,she'll be going the day after the announcement ,she'll check it in SM North Edsa, The Block.I asked her to text me after she finished buying her stuff, but the text i received from her caused me to panic! Her text was for us to hurry now and go cause only 80 tickets will be given on that store..( that's my understanding regarding her text), and it's only for reservation first cause they have yet to have the tickets and the albums,they will just inform us when will it be on i hurriedly close my office and went there in a jiffy..
As I arrived at the shop,i gave my reservations to them as per told by my friend who went ahead of me,so i gave a sigh. I'm done with my mission :-)..
As i was planning to go home, i thought of visiting the Trinoma branch ( it's close nearby) cause they might have theirs already..and now,
"It's a Good Thing" I did..why? cause they have tickets available..Wow! I'm relieved! though the albums are yet to follow,too. I talked to salesladies with gusto ..some of them recognized me already,I frequent the store for some updates and to purchase stuff.
I chose to buy 2 items and while i'm paying and filling up my ticket,a girl pays her chosen cosmetics but something happened.. while i was chatting with girl A & B who's on their break..girl C that's assisting me was helped by the manager in charge cause she's careful with the promo,girl C looks like a newbie..(the other girl buying already left),then suddenly the manager noticed that the cosmetics that the other girl bought was still on the we thought,she left without her purchase but guess she will come back again if she noticed the mixed up.
Then,my turn to leave .I was only a few steps from the store when i suddenly thought in going back to ask for their landline number.. And now,yes ,I utter again..
"It's a Good Thing" I did..why? Upon reaching the store ,I suddenly realized it was I who forgot my purchase! The other girl mistakenly took mine..That's what we all thought as I arrived.. they apologized for the mistake and i said it's fine.I was just so happy and excited to have my own ticket..I just pity girl C cause she might get scolded for the mixed up and ended paying the purchase taken by the other girl :-(

So ,that's it..another adventure has been foretold :-)...

Kim Hyun Joong in Manila Raffle Promo and result?..a story remained to be seen...!

Good luck,pretties!! God loves us all!

the stuff i bought and the precious ticket

macro shot of the ticket

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Face Shop's Kim Hyun Joong in Manila

Finally! The mechanics are out! ^^ Goodluck to all of us!

photo credits: Triple S Philippines & The Face