Tuesday, August 2, 2011

( The Faceshop's Kim Hyun Joong in Manila ' Raffle Promo)

" It's A Good Thing"
I utter those words twice today.

Since The Faceshop announced their mechanics about their promo for Kim Hyun Joong in Manila,I became restless and plan on when will I buy mine.
So ,a friend of mine told me,she'll be going the day after the announcement ,she'll check it in SM North Edsa, The Block.I asked her to text me after she finished buying her stuff, but the text i received from her caused me to panic! Her text was for us to hurry now and go cause only 80 tickets will be given on that store..( that's my understanding regarding her text), and it's only for reservation first cause they have yet to have the tickets and the albums,they will just inform us when will it be on sale..so i hurriedly close my office and went there in a jiffy..
As I arrived at the shop,i gave my reservations to them as per told by my friend who went ahead of me,so i gave a sigh. I'm done with my mission :-)..
As i was planning to go home, i thought of visiting the Trinoma branch ( it's close nearby) cause they might have theirs already..and now,
"It's a Good Thing" I did..why? cause they have tickets available..Wow! I'm relieved! though the albums are yet to follow,too. I talked to salesladies with gusto ..some of them recognized me already,I frequent the store for some updates and to purchase stuff.
I chose to buy 2 items and while i'm paying and filling up my ticket,a girl pays her chosen cosmetics but something happened.. while i was chatting with girl A & B who's on their break..girl C that's assisting me was helped by the manager in charge cause she's careful with the promo,girl C looks like a newbie..(the other girl buying already left),then suddenly the manager noticed that the cosmetics that the other girl bought was still on the table..so we thought,she left without her purchase but guess she will come back again if she noticed the mixed up.
Then,my turn to leave .I was only a few steps from the store when i suddenly thought in going back to ask for their landline number.. And now,yes ,I utter again..
"It's a Good Thing" I did..why? Upon reaching the store ,I suddenly realized it was I who forgot my purchase! The other girl mistakenly took mine..That's what we all thought as I arrived.. they apologized for the mistake and i said it's fine.I was just so happy and excited to have my own ticket..I just pity girl C cause she might get scolded for the mixed up and ended paying the purchase taken by the other girl :-(

So ,that's it..another adventure has been foretold :-)...

Kim Hyun Joong in Manila Raffle Promo and result?..a story remained to be seen...!

Good luck,pretties!! God loves us all!

the stuff i bought and the precious ticket

macro shot of the ticket

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