Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hi5 Event Venue Sketch

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I don't know what title would be suitable for this post but I just want to give you guys an idea how will the arrangement look like. This is for those who are worried if they can still watch if they aren't able to be included to the first 400. 

Green: Seat plan (if there's any)
Red: Metal stands (dunno how to name this one kekeke but this I think will supposed to secure the area)

[cr: victorsantos@flickr.com]

[cr: Jane_0276@flickr.com]

As you can see, yes you can still watch or have a glimpse at the event be it on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor. Remember this is a mall and it's open for the public. The problem is, Leader's face isn't that big so I'm afraid you will see him properly considering Trinoma management might not put chairs and so those first 500 might be standing and might block your way to Leader but we'll never know. 

So there, my apologies if these sketch is such a mess hehehe I'm not really an expert when it comes this kind of thingy hehehe. Hope it helps! ^^

Just some reminders:

Hi5 Event at Trinoma Activity Center 8/25/11: 

- Line starts at 10am but the event itself will start at 6pm.
- This is not a fanmeeting or whatsoever. 
- No autograph signing, photo op or handshaking. 
- Kim Hyun Joong will just give you a Hi-5 and ofcourse a smile ^___^ hehehe.. 
- The Face Shop Event 8/26/11 at 5pm


See Ya'all!!! 

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