City Conquest (Book 1 Part 2)


Here's the Part 2 Book 1of City Conquest

Baek Mir was enrolled in a prestigious high school. We will see how is he coping up now that he's living with his father. New group of friends is on his way. ^^ 
Like any teenagers out there, Baek Mir got bullied by the school bullies but see how Baek Mir fights back!
Get to know Tae Soo Min. The girl who fell deeply in love with Baek Mir.
Keep refreshing this page as the next scenes and translation is still on progress.

 In Excellent High School
 At the Faculty Office
Man in the Luxury Car (with Baek Mir) asked a favor to the principal
Vice Principal: Ah yes! Goodbye.
Teacher #1: WTH, whose son is that guy that the vice principal was so scared?
Teacher #2: You don't know? He is the son of Baek Seung Hyun, the lord of the underground economy.

Teacher #1: OMG! Baek Seung Hyun the king of banks of Asia and one of the richest in this country?
Teacher #2: That's right.
 In order for him to be transferred in this school, they gave a large amount of money to the scholarship fund.
Vice Principal: Park Seung Mo seonsaeng! (Teacher Park Seung Mo!)
Teacher #2 (Park Seung Mo): Yes.....
 Vice Principal: Please do introduce him in his class.
Teacher #2: Ah, yes will do.

 Teacher #2: Fo, follow me.
Teacher #1: Money is great it's good but, in this world only a*sholes can transfer in this prestigious highschool that easily.
Teacher #3: What are you saying? Baek Seung Hyun said himself that only a great man can influence few companies that easily.
Teacher #2: There's one something I want you to do.
Don't tell them the fact that you did transfer here from a school as a troublemaker.
Do you understand?

 Baek Mir: Then what should I say?
Teacher #2: Dude! You don't have to.

 Student #1: What's that?
Student #2: A transfer student, you see?

 Teacher #2 to the Class: From this day on, you'll be having a new friend 
Teacher #2 to Baek Mir: Go and introduce yourself

 Baek Mir: My name is Mir. Let's be pure and easy with our words.
 Student #2: Oh my god! What kind of kid is that handsome guy?
(Tae Soo Min looked into Baek Mir straight in the eyes)

Baek Mir: I'm transferred from a school majoring in troublemaking, so it's best if you guys don't find fault with me. (translated by @5starsAs1) 
Students: Tra...troublemaking?
 Guy Student: So are you saying, you're a kicked out troublemaker?
Baek Mir: That's right.
Are you gonna ask me again?

Baek Mir:  If you don't have any question, I'll go now to my seat
 Bullies: That as*hole! Is he going to completely ignore us?
 Break Time.
Small Guy with glasses: I'm.......
Baek Mir: What?
Small guy with glasses: Why, you look so rugged even the it's the only start of the classes.......? (Not sure of this one)

Student #3: Where did the fun went?
Student #4: That Mir kid. Let's just wait and see if he's tough enough.
Bully #1: This piece of sh*t. What are you whispering?
Get down you rat. You're not my priority.
Small guy with glasses: Ah. No! I'm.. I'm nothing...

Bully #1 to the small guy with glasses: This is your lucky day.
Bully #2: Is he bothering you?

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