City Conquest (Book 1 Part1 )

I found this manga version of 'City Conquest' where our Leader Kim Hyun Joong will play as the main character in his upcoming drama. As we all know 'City Conquest' is originally from a popular manga written decades ago. It is also rumored that 'City Conquest' will air in SBS on October. So it will be a long wait for us Henecias and Triple S isn't it? Hehehe

So to my readers, I'm now sharing the manga version of CC (City Conquest) to feed our waiting hearts. I'm sorry in advance if my translations aren't that accurate. 
**Keep refreshing the page as I'm in the process of translating the next parts.
** If I happened to translate some parts incorrectly, please feel free to correct me.

REMINDER: This manga story is R19.

 "Having a blind massage for over a period of time, A massage that costs 40 thousand won is kinda tough."

 "Then came a woman who will get paid for every 5 minutes for lying down."
"F*ck this world! **********"
"However, these gangsters are not anything while they ought to spend money on it"

Mir: "And so I want to change this filthy world......immidiately with my own fist"

 PART 1. "My Childhood dream was to be a noble"

 1989, Seoul

 "Does this luxury car trying to attract this crazy b*tches?"

 "Don't, don't say...........? It's a business for us?"
Man in the Luxury Car: "Miss, where is Cheon-ssi ahjumma's house?"

"Fine then. Hong! It's the third house at the corner end."
"What a badluck! ************

Meanwhile at Cheon-sii's house.......

 "Go! Go! ****!" 
"Stop it! B*tch!"

 Cheon-ssi threw a bucket of water to the b*tches (Do you still want to know what she said? Just trash talking kekeke)
 While the b*tches arguing over something, the man from the luxury car appeared with his bodyguards,
Man in a Luxury Car: "Excuse me, Is this Cheon-ssi's house?"
Cheon-ssi: I'm Cheon-ssi. How did you...........
Man from the Luxury Car:  I came to look for a kid name Mir.
Cheon-ssi: Mir? 

Man from the Luxury car threw something on them, something like a check/money.
B*tch no.1: What on earth!
B*tch no.2: Everything are in cheques!
Bitch no.2: Fo..follow me.

 Cheon-ssi: Fi, finally, I knew this will come!

Bitch no.3: This way..
Man from the Luxury Car: This room? 

Bitch no.3 heard that there's something *ahem* going on in Mir's room...
Bitch no.3: Uhm... Just a minute. You can not enter this room now..

Bitch no.3: Mir doesn't want to be disturbed by just someone, he might get angry..........
The Man from the luxury car stepped in while B*tch no.3 is talking and he tapped aside the b*tch and immediately opened Mir's room and..... 

Man from the Luxury Car: That kid is just a 17 year old highschool student!
This kid is a monster at all!

Mir: Can you just get out after seeing almost everything?

Lady in bed: You people seems to be out of your mind.
You just broke two kinds of his common law.

No matter what happened, you must not disturbed him during his love affair.
And when you see that face in him, you should then respond.

 But of course, you should not be surprised with his beautiful face

 Mir: *******....
Mir: And who are you guys?
Man from the Luxury Car: We are sent here by your father. 
Mir: What did you say......... really?
Man from the Luxury Car: Yes, your father sent us here to bring you to him.
Mir: *smirks*
Man from the Luxury Car: smiling? 

 Mir: Knife!

 Mir: Are you gonna tell me now?

 Man from the Luxury car: I told you, your father sent me here.
Mir: For me, I don't have a father. 
 Narrator: Is this really the big news?
588's adopted child, Baek Mir's birth secret has been revealed. 
(According to a source, '588' is a place/district in Korea where there're lots of  prostitution.)

 Baek Mir: Tell your boss that I will go there on my own.

 Sang-soo sir, are you alright?
Man from the Luxury Car (Sang Soo): Let me go. 

Sang Soo: Luck just makes me sick.
  Lady in bed: You stupid a**holes shouldn't ever made Mir angry.

Sang Soo: What for? ***********
Lady in bed: Because he is our idol/master.
Sang Soo: idol/master....!

This does not sound like a good feeling...
Seems like finding the president's son will not be easy.

 Mir: Is that the truth?
Cheon-Ssi: It could be.
 Your mother died 3 months after you were born.
 Cheon-Ssi: Are you leaving Mir?

 Mir: My Father?
When I was young, he wasn't there when I need him. I don't need him now at this age! 
F*ck asdafjdkfkldjfkajdkajf#$%@@@$%$!

Meanwhile.. In the public bath house.

Kwang Ya: How do you want it done? Lighter? 
Customer: Yes.. blah blah blah *****

 Gangster #1: Kwang Ya, that as*hole...
Should we leave now?

 Gangster Leader:  Get rid of that trash!
That fellow Mir, I will take care of him.

Gangsters: Park Kwang Ya!

Kwang Ya: Why, Why are you doing this, Viper Hyung?
Viper: You really don't know huh? Kwang Ya?
Kwang Ya: I... I was just.....?
Viper: If the boat fills the area in the sauna, do I have to pay for the taxes?
Kwang Ya: Bu...but Viper Hyung! You never had said anything about the scrubbers to give taxes?
Viper: I didn't know what came over.
Kwang Ya: Viper Hyung! This is too.......
Viper: This as*hole! You bullsh*t are all like this!

Viper: Give up?

Woah!!! Mir came to the rescue!!! Haha!! So hot! XD
Viper: When did that fellow!?
Baek Mir: Viper Hyung, what are you doing?
Viper: What do you think I'm doing?

Viper: This sh*t motherf*ker!
Kwang Ya: Mir! At your back!

Mir: Viper, You don't want to hear what's coming out my mouth?
Viper: You son of a b*tch! What did you just said to your Sunbae?
 Mir: So be it then!

Viper: This as*hole..

Viper: What are you doing! Bastards! Get rid of that trash!

Mir: You're crazy. 

 Kwang Ya: Dude, what's wrong?
Mir: I might leave this place.
Kwang Ya: Wha, what do you mean?
Mir: My father sent some fellas to get me!


Kwang Ya: So what kind of guy is he?
Mir: Seems like a rich man.
His servants got nice car
Kwang Ya: Are you going?
Mir: Maybe,

 Mir: For once. I'd like to feel my father's presence
I want to hear why he abandoned me and my mother.
Kwang Ya: I thought you'd like to forget him?

Mir: Crazy. How about you? Would you like to forget me?
Kwang Ya: Maybe!
Mir: Maybe? Forget me then! Dude!
How many times do I have to tell and write to you that the answer is Maybe? Idiot!
Mir: The train is coming!
What to do? When we were young we used to ran towards the train when we see one, didn't we?
Kwang Ya: right!

Mir:  My childhood dream was to become a noble.

Mir: Can some people envy me, even just for once......
Then I should be a noble!

PART 2. "And so desperation came back to me"

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