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'City Conquest' Filiming Sites in Japan

As reported, Kim Hyun Joong's drama will start filming in Japan on July 10. Several spots in Japan now are becoming a hot topic just because of the drama and so I got curious about those places. I've read the book 1 of  the manhwa 'City Conquest' so I decided to take a look at the chosen places where uri Leader and the rest of the casts will start shooting and it quite impressed me. Japan really is a beautiful place. I remember when I was a kid, I dreamed of living in Japan because of it's nice places and when I saw those places again, I realized I still like to live there. ^^

The primary shooting sites will take its place in Nikko Edo Wonderland, Utsonomiya City and Kinugawa Hot Spring. They will also shoot in places like Tochigi Perfecture located in Kanto Region, the one located in the northern part the beautiful UNESCO world heritage site in the famous Nikko Toshogu Shrine. Another is the Oku-Nikko Waterfalls, the special natural monument designates as the world's longest tree-lined avenue in the world the 'Cedar Avenue of Nikko'.

To give you more idea about those sites here are some photos.  
Note: Please put proper credits when you repost this. I had a hard time researching these places as I'm not familiar about Japan. Thanks!

This place actually is a history themed park and it's famous and has been used for tv dramas. It's like the Universal Studio in Japan. =)

This place is a famous hot spring resort in the city of Nikko, Japan.

Tochigi Perfecture
Tochigi Perfecture is place located in Kanto Region in the city of Utsonomiya. There are 14 cities located in Tochigi Perfecture and Nikko is one of them.
Toshogu Shrine
This place is located in Nikko which is one of the cities under Tochigi Perfecture.
 Oku-Nikko Waterfalls
Oku-Nikko is located in the northwestern part of Nikko. Also known as 'Inner Nikko'. It has 3 famous waterfalls located in it. Namely:
Kegon Falls
  Lake Chuzenji
 Ryuzu (Dragon's Head) Falls
 Cedar Avenue of Nikko
This place is included in the Guinsess Book of Records as the longest tree-lined avenue in the world.

There you are! Aren't they fascinating? And because of these places I can't wait for the drama to start!
So basically, the drama shooting in Japan will take its place in Nikko City. All of these are located in Nikko City under Tochigi Perfecture. Woo! Can't wait! =)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nam Goong Min to Join Kim Hyun Joong in 'City Conquest'

Woa! At last! A name was announced to join uri Leader in 'City Conquest' but of course, let's still wait for the official announcement both from the drama's producers and Nam Goong Min's agency. Yes! It's Nam Goong Min. I don't really know him as an actor though but he looks handsome.. isn't he? Kekekeke 

 Nam Goong Min in 'City Conquest' After 1 Year Comeback

Source: OSEN
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 Actor Nam Goong Min a surprise comeback to small screen after a year.

After MBC's 'Can You Hear My Heart' he held a fanmeeting in japan that received so much love, Nam Goong Min now is casted in drama 'City Conquest' and is expected to capture hearts in Asia.

'City Conquest' reborn as a drama where Baek Mir played by Kim Hyun Joong was abandoned by his parents and will blame his father and will take his revenge to the society. The drama will be directed by Yang Yunho who directed the drama 'Iris' and movie 'Holiday' and will be written by Wang Joo Ha who also wrote 'Lie To Me' and 'Spotlight'.

In 'City Conquest' because of Nam Goong Min's father, he lost his mother and will be torn between hatred and ambition. The female lead is a reminiscent of his mother and in the future will show affection and will play the character of 'Cha Ji Ryong' showing an impacting transformation.

In case you don't know yet, 'City Conquest' has 4 main lead casts. 2 guys and 2 gals. 2 guys have been announced and that's uri Leader Kim Hyun Joong and Nam Goong Min. 2 down! 2 left! =)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong's July Enlistment.. 2nd Generation Idols, Now Approaching Military Enlistment

Source: Sports World
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After SS501's Kim Kyu Jong's announcement for his Military Enlistment on July, 2nd generation idols' enlistment service now is more imminent.

Kim Kyu Jong born in 1987, had written a handwritten letter for his fans about his military enlistment this coming July as a public servant personnel and posted in his official website. As a result, Idols joining the military with the same age group is now near to happen. 
Classified as a 2nd generation idol group "DBSK and JYJ included as one of the 2nd generation idols, it seems that will join the military as well by this year or next year'' "Idol stars were born in the late 80s can no longer postpone their military enlistment''

After the first generation idols from mid 2000s such as H.O.T, Sechkies, Shinhwa finishing their services, now came the 2nd generation idols like TVXQ, SS501 and Big Bang. But some already from mid to late 20s had already entered the military.

Moreover the military service law that regards about delaying the implementation of mandatory military service has changed because of low number of military enlistees. In addition, military service to the celebrities is no longer a social atmosphere that should be fulfilled. An official said "These days, any form of any duty in the military/army and fulfilling their obligation for a long time is really helpful.'' "As a celebrity, their service are rather not that long because of their duty too as an entertainer".

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Idols' military enlistment is one of the fans' worries. Having their idols enlisted is such a nightmare. I don't even want to think how difficult their lives will be inside the army. But as a fan, we also have to open our minds to such happenings especially Korea has this kind of law that we can never avoid. Let's just think that after their military duty, they will become a strong and well-rounded man as a new start will begin after they are finished. As for the remaining SS501 members, I'm hoping they would follow Kyu's footsteps as soon as possible if we don't want to wait longer for their comeback. But who knows, nothing is impossible if we believe. =)

Kim Kyu Jong for the Military

I was really shocked when I heard the news. Of course at first I got mad and all but after alot of thinking, it made me realized that Kyu Jong just made a very brave decision for his career. It's not a bad step but for me I consider it as a step to avoid conflicts in the future. So in the end, I think it's a good decision. But don't worry Peas, Kyu will be releasing an album before he serve the military. At his Fanmeeting last June 3, of course all the SS501 members came. Kim Hyun Joong, who flew all the way to Seoul from China, Heo Young Saeng who rushed to the venue from his Inkigayo performance, Park Jung Min who came even he has a pending lawsuit against his agency CNR and Hyung Jun who even tweeted his 2 Hyungs (Kyu Jong and Young Saeng) saying 'See You Tomorrow' that gave us fans a hint that he will indeed attend Kyu's fanmeeting and he did. Just a sight of the 5 of them as one on stage gave my eyes something to tear about and my heart just burst because of happiness. I love our boySS, I love SS501 and I'm still really looking forward for their comeback. 

And this photo... it's really something to treasure about. 

 And here's an article about Kyu Jong's military enlistment.

Former member of SS501 and current solo artist Kim Kyu-jong will bid farewell to fans in July as he begins his two-year compulsory military service.
Kim’s agency announced yesterday that Kim will be in training for a month before being inducted into the Korean Army.
Apparently, the star considered postponing his military service, as a lot of entertainers do in order to maximize their time in the limelight.
“Kim Kyu-jong was born in 1987, which means he could delay military service to focus on his career.
But he thought it’d be best to get it out of the way before he embarks on the second chapter of his life,” said a representative from B2M Entertainment.
As well as having been a part of the popular boy band SS501 until 2010, Kim showcased his talent as an entertainer by starring in the musical “Palace” (2011) and starring in the drama “Saving Mrs.Go Bong Shil” (2012).
In addition, he released his debut solo album last year.

By Carla Sunwoo

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Kim Hyun Joong Effect 'City Conquest' Already Sold 11.8 Billion Won Overseas Sales

Source: Inews24
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The Kim Hyun Joong Effect 'City Conquest' Already Sold 11.8 Billion Overseas Sales

With Kim Hyun joong's appearance in the drama 'City Conquest' has been finalized, it's already recieving hot attention from overseas. Kim Hyun Joong's agency Key East said on the 4th, 'Kim Hyun Joong being casted for the drama 'City Conquest', alot of international buyers became interested'. Copyright interests for the drama continues, it already reached to an amount close to 11.8 billion won (10 million dollars)'

Being Kim Hyun Joong as the lead role and the record sales is not yet at its full scale, the situation already achieved such accomplishments. Kim Hyun Joong being popular hallyu star both domestically and internationally is now getting evident.
In fact, in 2012 Kim Hyun Joong starred from MBC's 'Playful Kiss' back in 2012 sold to 11 countries in Asia such as Thailand and Philippines and it reached as one of the top dramas ever established in the history.

'City Conquest''s representative Baek Jin Dong said ' In 4 asian countries Japan, China, HK and Taiwan, they nearly completing the 10million contract agreement with an execeptional condition thanks to Kim Hyun Joong' 'City Conquest''s story is when Baek Mir as a child was left by his parents. He will destroy the evil society as a revenge.

Km Hyun Joong is expected to have a 180degrees transformation to give justice to his character Baek Mir who is strong and tough outside but weak inside.

Kim Hyun Joong's agency Key East said ''Despite having his Asia fanmeeting internationally and domestically, He's been training in order meet the overwhelming interest. Please give a lot of support and cheer as  Kim Hyun Joong shows his more fully developed appearance"

Soon after it's main cast completion, they will begin shooting early of July in Japan.

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God Of Cookery Ep.80 with Kim Kyu Jong

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