Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's ROOT

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I made this video to remind the OLD and NEW fans What, How and Where was Kim Hyun Joong 6 years ago. Before he became the ever so famous 'Yoon Ji Hoo'. Before he became the arrogant but loving Baek Seung Jo. Before he became the Hallyu Star of South Korea. Before he became the 'Shillang' to the beautiful Hwang Bo. Before all of these, Kim Hyun Joong is SS501's Leader. Leader to Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun and Leader to each and every Triple S in the world. I want to remind everybody how he love his members and how strong their brotherhood is. Although they are now going to their different paths, Kim Hyun Joong will never forget where he came from and that's him being the Leader and the big brother to SS501. I hope you guys still remember who the real Kim Hyun Joong is and don't just love him because of what he is now. If you love him, you must love also those people who became a part of his life. 

"A true fan is never selfish and never greedy of what their idols had and will have." -Cheezeemelt =)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Peas,anyone?

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hello again..triple s pretties a.k.a pea princess!

I would like to share something trivial for all of you..

A TSPH sister spotted this cellphone charm about a year ago while strolling a mall,she bought a piece and she also accompanied me in buying one myself..

here's the green pea cellphone charm.. i'm puzzled by the word 'relax' and upon reading that article,i thought to myself..*oh so that's the meaning of it and its actual purpose..*

For us,pretties,it is just related to us like a symbol because SS501 used to think the green colored balloons the fans carry whenever they attend show
s of the boys , looked like green peas from they're the one who gave us our nickname ..* that's one trivia i knew then :-)..

But ive seen an article in Reader's Digest saying that it is just not a cute little thing that is associated to us but actually a ' Mugen' toy produced by Japan company Bandai. This pea is particularly called 'Mugen Edamame',squeezing soy bean out of its pod and it use is to relieve stress.

and here's the article in Reader's Digest,August 2010

So now..are you scouting to find one for yourself? it 's not just cute ,right? but useful ,too.

Hope you like my post and be of little help..annyeong ;-)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

For the Love of Coffee... and KPOP!

My afternoon at Subspace Coffee House has given me another good reason to make South Korea my next vacation destination.To my understanding, this boutique coffee shop hopes to capture the design sensibilities ever so present (and celebrated) in Hongdae, Seoul’s entertainment and art district. Since I’ve never been to South Korea, I can’t say for certain if this was achieved or not, but I can say that it succeeds in creating a space that would appeal not only to the local KPOP community, but also to coffee lovers who have a soft spot for artistic expression and smart interior design.

On the fangirl level, it was quite a treat to see the walls riddled with posters and other print materials featuring some of today’s most popular KPOP groups—Super Junior, Big Bang, CN Blue, among others. The in-store tunes consisted of KPOP music, of course, with albums and other KPOP (and KPOP Culture) merchandise made available to the patrons. The blank wall nearest our table serves as a screen for special showings of various KPOP idol concerts and music shows.

Sadly for a Triple S like me, I didn’t spot anything in relation to SS501, although the store’s playlist this afternoon did include “Wasteland” (a song off the group’s REBIRTH album), so that somewhat appeased the, er, green pea in me.

With regards to the stores’s interiors and set-up, I was very much intrigued by the choice of furnishing. I love the fact that there’s not one standard look for the chairs and tables. The seats are comfortable enough; a table with a three-person couch is available at the back of the store for larger groups.

Other design elements that I appreciate about the place are the centerpieces (flowers and plants in some, vinyl toys in others), chalk artwork and Hangul lettering on the walls, and various vintage phones placed in different parts of the store. The chair-chandelier that seems to be hanging precariously over one of the tables adds to the quirky randomness of the establishment.

As for the menu, I can’t really complain. Their coffee offerings consist of more familiar items like espresso and Americano, and also of more unique concoctions, such as Purple Potato Latte, Peanut Butter Latte and Subspace Coffee Float. They also serve pastries and turnovers, although the selection is limited as of this time. I’m certain though that the food menu will expand soon enough. Earlier, the staff offered me a sample of what they’ll probably incorporate into their menu in the near future. I don’t want to pre-empt anything, but I will say this: I’d like mine with more wasabi, please.

Subspace Coffee House is relatively easy to find, even if you’re not too familiar with the area. It’s on the ground floor of the Grand Emerald Tower, and faces F.Ortigas Avenue (formerly Emerald Avenue). The best landmarks are the Eton Showroom and AIC Building (the one with Chef & Brewer), but the Shell Station in the corner of F. Ortigas Avenue is also a good marker, as Subspace is walking distance from this point.

(note: I wrote this last week so it's a bit dated; still, many thanks to Cheezeemelt for giving me a venue to share this write-up with a larger audience. KAMSAHAMNIDA! ~ Lisa C.)

Kim Hyun Joong's Hi-Five Event Promotional Poster in Manila

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Hello! Triple S !

Here's one proof SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong will be here in the Philippines for his 'Hi-Five Touch Event' promo tour.

I went with my sister's family to watch a movie this weekend and upon entering the mall's entrance parking area (SM North Edsa, The Block) ,my niece suddenly pointed outside.. and i literally shrieked seeing what she's pointing at..a big picture of KHJ 's Hi Five poster is posted on the wall along the pedestrian lane together with some advertisements ,too..

I really became excited i wanted to get out of the car immediately to take some shots of it..but patience first, :-).. waited for us to arrived at the entrance door of the mall and went upstairs to check the time for the showing of the movie we'll be watching (Harry Potter 7).. oh, this was our main agenda ,i forgot it for a while :-).

We took the last full show schedule and we're about an hour and a half early for i went back outside with my nephew and went straight at the entrance gate.. sadly ,i didn't have my digicam with me but my cellphone camera instead..good thing the lighting on the wall was good enough for some i took all the liberty taking photos of the post..

Here's the post on the wall..

and i also took one with myself in it..for you to see how big it is..

I was really awed by's so big! For me,it's too good to be true.. Still can't believe my eyes seeing his poster and will be seeing him soon in person..

I also joked my sis to go on with watching the movie while i will be on guard on the wall instead. :-)

Thank you for your time reading this..This is my first fan account,so please bear with my post if i'm a bit giddy about it...

I would also like to give much gratitude to 'cheezeemelt ' for giving me space in her blog..komawo,dongsaeng!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong featured on 'The Wrap' 07.18.11

I love the fact that the host mentioned 'SS501 Leader' and this time they got it right. ^^

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credits: Studio 23 + namjachingu06khj@youtube

Monday, July 18, 2011

[Venue] Kim Hyun Joong's Hi-Five Event in Manila on Aug. 25, 2011

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Finally, the venue for Leader's event here in Manila has been announced by Poly East Records! It will be in Trinoma Mall Activity Center

[cr: Poly East]

To those are not familiar with the venue, Trinoma Mall is located along EDSA near North Ave. MRT Station and just beside SM North Edsa

And to give you an idea what the venue looks like here are some photos of the venue.





A Christmas Harmony with Pops Fernandez and Manila Philharmonic Orchestra

The venue I should say is a good choice from Poly East coz it can I think accommodate more than 500 people and besides, several famous Filipino artists also already had their activities here so it is tried and tested.  ^^,

See ya on the 25th!!!! =)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong, The Return of the 'Romantic Guy'

Source: Sports World
Korean to English Translation:
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[July 11, 2011] After promoting 'Breakdown', Kim Hyun Joong is expected to heat up the music industry again with 'Kiss Kiss'.

Kim Hyun Joong  has decided and preparing to make 'Kiss Kiss' as his follow up song with an upbeat dance-pop rhythms.

According to Key East Agency, 'Kiss Kiss' is really close to Kim Hyun Joong's heart because of it's sweet lyrics and He dedicates this to all of his fans.

''Breakdown' is a total 180 degrees different from this song and please look forward for my  new look' he said.

With 'Breakdown' it has intense radiating charisma, Kim Hyun Joong now chose 'Kiss Kiss' as his follow up song and expectations for a new look is now being anticipated.

Today July 14th, Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to perform his follow up song 'Kiss Kiss' on Mnet 'M!Countdown' and after this stage, he is expected to start his activities.

[ⓒSports World &, all rights reserved]

I know this is not a new article, but I should've read this before-hand so I can prepare myself with Leader's new blonde hair coz I was really shocked when he appeared in M!countdown! kekekeke... but I still like it! ^^, 

I like the picture by the way! kkkkk

sorry for the late post. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

[07.10.11.] Kim Hyun Joong on Manila Bulletin

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Source: Jonathan Hicap of Manila Bulletin
Photo credit:

MANILA, Philippines - Popular Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong will visit the Philippines in August.
According to a post on PolyEast Records' Facebook page, Kim will be in the country on Aug. 25 in time for the “Hi-Five Touch” Philippine
Promo Tour.
The event is part of Kim's promotional tour for his album “Break Down.”
Rumors of the event swirled prior to PolyEast confirming the matter via its official Facebook account.
Released last June 8 in South Korea, “Break Down,” is Kim's first solo album. It contains six tracks including “Intro (Let Me Go),” the title track, “Please,” “Kiss Kiss,” “Yes I Will” and “Please (Instrumental).”
The album proved to be a hit, selling 100,433 copies in South Korea. It ranked fourth in the country's Top 100 bestselling albums for the first half of the year.
In the Philippines, “Break Down” debuted at No. 1 on the Astrochart’s overall ranking for June 27 to July 3, edging out releases from Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Sarah Geronimo, and Jennifer Lopez.
In June last year, Kim visited the Philippines for a concert at the Araneta Coliseum with BEAST.

Nice article except Mr. Jonathan Hicap addressed Leader as 'Kim'. >,<

Friday, July 8, 2011

An Open Letter for Kim Hyun Joong

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source: Judge Maru Ragasa (Philippines) @ Facebook +

 Mam Patria Ragasa is  the lady in red while Mam Maria Rosario Ragasa is the lady in wheelchair

Dear Mr. Kim Hyun Joong,

I don’t want to sound formal but you may think I have no respect for your stature. In the course of this letter, I may sound familiar, you will have to forgive me. It feels like I have known you all my life. I don’t look upon you in a romantic way, but more like a young brother. But truthfully, if I were much younger and more attractive, who knows what I would feel?

But enough of me. I write this letter because you made my 73 year old mom cry. Yes, you did. If there’s anything in this world that brings me near to despair is to see my mother cry. She cried because I told her that you were scheduled to do promotions in the Philippines for Polyeast for your Break Down album, for the Faceshop, and for GMA’s Playful Kiss. You’re scheduled trip to my country was announced and plastered all over the internet.

So why did you make my mom cry? She cried because getting to meet you was going to be a near impossibility for people like us, with no connections or friends to facilitate meeting you. We already encountered your cordon sanitaire in Korea, and were it not for the kindhearted Jae Ho Choi, we would not have seen you in VIP seats at MBC’s Music Core. I have frantically scrambled and texted people who can help me get you to meet my mom. She must have seen the frustration etched across my face. As she sat listening to you sing “Never Again,” she broke into tears. Then she told me, she was leaving it all up to God, if she would get the chance to meet you. While she never admitted to me, I knew, your people’s refusal for even a short meet with you that time in Korea broke her heart. Of course, it wasn’t your fault, and yes, your people were just trying to keep you safe. But this time, you just can’t let my mom down.She loves you so much.

August 26 is her birthday and if I have to wrap and put ribbons on you, I will! If I have to shout into the wilderness of cyberspace to call your attention over a 73 year old ajumma’s desire to meet you in person, I will. I have no pride. My mom has been taking care of me since I suffered a debilitating stroke three years ago. If I say, I would do anything for her, I mean it. You will soon be reading this letter through a translator because I know I will touch the hearts of the people who will read this. They will repost this letter until it gets to your attention. Wouldn’t you do it for your mom? I don’t want to wait for Mother’s Day. The minute she meets you, it’s Mother’s Day.

It bothers me that she has resigned herself that she won’t meet you. Trying to lift her spirit, I told her that you will look for her. I know how much you love your mother and ajummas. I will be looking out for you, or more realistically, the people who love their own moms will understand what I feel. I’m not going to beg because my mom deserves the highest honor and not crumbs of your attention. But I will do everything humanly possible, with the utmost dignity, to make a wish. I wish my mother gets to meet Kim Hyun Joong.

Leader, can you make this happen?

I am,


Do you know the movie 'Pay It Forward'? 

I just met these two lovely ladies last saturday in Leader's album event in SM Megamall last saturday. I've been hearing so much about them ever since that's why I was so happy to meet them personally. I call them Tita Patria and Tita Maru coz I'm telling you, they don't act like their age. They act younger than their age probably because of our Leader Kim Hyun Joong. Tita Patria so alive dancing to Leader's Breakdown when it's playing while Tita Maru never stops on talking about Leader. This two lovely ladies actually lighten up the place when they arrived! 

So I'd be willing to help this open later to spread all over the world until Leader reads it and I hope the one reading this will give a hand and help too and it would be really nice if someone will translate it to Korean/Hangul. Thanks!

It really pays off when you 'Pay It Forward' so don't think twice.

Kim Hyun Joong 'Hi-Five Touch' Philippine Promo Tour

SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong also known as Yoon Ji Hoo from Boys Over Flowers and Gelo Baek from Playful Kiss will be having the Philippines as one of his stop on his first mini album 'Breakdown' promotion. Kim Hyun Joong had his first mini album entitled 'Breakdown' released last June 8, 2011 and had won awards from several Korean Music Shows (M!Countdown and Music Bank). Just this week, Kim Hyun Joong already beat Lady Gaga in Oricon Chart Japan, no.1 in Taiwan and now no.1 in Astroplus/Astrovision record bars here in the Philippines. Kim Hyun Joong's mini album 'Breakdown' had an album launch in Odyssey SM Megamall and Astroplus SM The Block last July 2,2011 under Polyeast Records. Triple S Philippines (SS501 fanclub) and 501 Sky Events Philippines Inc., had joined forces for a successful album launch event and even organized a flashmob dancing to Kim Hyun Joong's 'Breakdown' and 'Let Me Go'. Kim Hyun Joong is the main endorser for The Face Shop and is currently scheduled for an Asia Tour. His Asia Tour includes, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines.

On August 25, 2011 Kim Hyun Joong will visit Manila once again to promote his mini album 'Breakdown'. Details about this event will be posted soon.

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Photo credit: Polyeast Records

Sunday, July 3, 2011

7.2.11 Kim Hyun Joong's Album Launch in Manila

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Kim Hyun Joong's solo album 'Breakdown' now released in Manila, Philippines. The album launch was held in 2 places namely in Odyssey SM Megamall and Astroplus SM The Block. Together with the album that was sold only for P500 were a folded bag and a poster. To make the event more sizzling hot, Triple S Philippines prepared a flashmob where they danced Let Me Go and Breakdown. Surprisingly, the girls gave justice dancing Breakdown and Let Me Go knowing that they only rehearsed for only a week I guess. Dancing with all black attire and shades that added fire to their performance. What made their performance more interesting was their one and only boy performer who made us fell from our seats (we're not sitting actually, keke). The boy danced so well it reminded us of Hyun Joong from his debut days. 

Here are some photos from the event in Odyssey at SM Megamall, Manila:

KHJ Standee+Album stand

TV Stand

Flashmob Dancers with KHJ Standee
The Crowd

Photos from SM North The Block, Manila:

KHJ Posters
TV Stand and Posters
Album Stand
Front 1
Front 2
KHJ Standee

Flashmob dancers with KHJ Standee

And here's the video I took of TS Philippines dancing to Breakdown & Let Me Go at Astroplus SM The Block: 

All in all, I really had fun. I've got to meet  some long-time-no-see TS and Henecians! I also had fun doing our Mall hopping with my co-blogger namjachingu_khj. Going to SM The Block wasn't in our plan, but since the dancers will be dancing also in that mall we decided to go there as well to show support. I met Leader's grandma fans and oh boy they were so amazing and funny! Imagine a grandma dancing to Leader's Breakdown and doing the cat daddy? Isn't it cool? ^^, 

The crowd was overwhelming, I even saw fathers buying Leader's album kekeke~ and indeed, a lot of ahjumas! hahaha~ 
I'm really looking forward for this kind of event to happen again. It feels good Kim Hyun Joong is now starting to become so famous here. I really hope SS501 will be the next! ^^, 
Kudos to 501 Sky Events Philippines Inc., and Triple S Philippines for making this event successful! See you next time guys! =)