Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Peas,anyone?

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hello again..triple s pretties a.k.a pea princess!

I would like to share something trivial for all of you..

A TSPH sister spotted this cellphone charm about a year ago while strolling a mall,she bought a piece and she also accompanied me in buying one myself..

here's the green pea cellphone charm.. i'm puzzled by the word 'relax' and upon reading that article,i thought to myself..*oh so that's the meaning of it and its actual purpose..*

For us,pretties,it is just related to us like a symbol because SS501 used to think the green colored balloons the fans carry whenever they attend show
s of the boys , looked like green peas from they're the one who gave us our nickname ..* that's one trivia i knew then :-)..

But ive seen an article in Reader's Digest saying that it is just not a cute little thing that is associated to us but actually a ' Mugen' toy produced by Japan company Bandai. This pea is particularly called 'Mugen Edamame',squeezing soy bean out of its pod and it use is to relieve stress.

and here's the article in Reader's Digest,August 2010

So now..are you scouting to find one for yourself? it 's not just cute ,right? but useful ,too.

Hope you like my post and be of little help..annyeong ;-)

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