Sunday, July 3, 2011

7.2.11 Kim Hyun Joong's Album Launch in Manila

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Kim Hyun Joong's solo album 'Breakdown' now released in Manila, Philippines. The album launch was held in 2 places namely in Odyssey SM Megamall and Astroplus SM The Block. Together with the album that was sold only for P500 were a folded bag and a poster. To make the event more sizzling hot, Triple S Philippines prepared a flashmob where they danced Let Me Go and Breakdown. Surprisingly, the girls gave justice dancing Breakdown and Let Me Go knowing that they only rehearsed for only a week I guess. Dancing with all black attire and shades that added fire to their performance. What made their performance more interesting was their one and only boy performer who made us fell from our seats (we're not sitting actually, keke). The boy danced so well it reminded us of Hyun Joong from his debut days. 

Here are some photos from the event in Odyssey at SM Megamall, Manila:

KHJ Standee+Album stand

TV Stand

Flashmob Dancers with KHJ Standee
The Crowd

Photos from SM North The Block, Manila:

KHJ Posters
TV Stand and Posters
Album Stand
Front 1
Front 2
KHJ Standee

Flashmob dancers with KHJ Standee

And here's the video I took of TS Philippines dancing to Breakdown & Let Me Go at Astroplus SM The Block: 

All in all, I really had fun. I've got to meet  some long-time-no-see TS and Henecians! I also had fun doing our Mall hopping with my co-blogger namjachingu_khj. Going to SM The Block wasn't in our plan, but since the dancers will be dancing also in that mall we decided to go there as well to show support. I met Leader's grandma fans and oh boy they were so amazing and funny! Imagine a grandma dancing to Leader's Breakdown and doing the cat daddy? Isn't it cool? ^^, 

The crowd was overwhelming, I even saw fathers buying Leader's album kekeke~ and indeed, a lot of ahjumas! hahaha~ 
I'm really looking forward for this kind of event to happen again. It feels good Kim Hyun Joong is now starting to become so famous here. I really hope SS501 will be the next! ^^, 
Kudos to 501 Sky Events Philippines Inc., and Triple S Philippines for making this event successful! See you next time guys! =)

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