Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's Hi-Five Event Promotional Poster in Manila

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Hello! Triple S !

Here's one proof SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong will be here in the Philippines for his 'Hi-Five Touch Event' promo tour.

I went with my sister's family to watch a movie this weekend and upon entering the mall's entrance parking area (SM North Edsa, The Block) ,my niece suddenly pointed outside.. and i literally shrieked seeing what she's pointing at..a big picture of KHJ 's Hi Five poster is posted on the wall along the pedestrian lane together with some advertisements ,too..

I really became excited i wanted to get out of the car immediately to take some shots of it..but patience first, :-).. waited for us to arrived at the entrance door of the mall and went upstairs to check the time for the showing of the movie we'll be watching (Harry Potter 7).. oh, this was our main agenda ,i forgot it for a while :-).

We took the last full show schedule and we're about an hour and a half early for i went back outside with my nephew and went straight at the entrance gate.. sadly ,i didn't have my digicam with me but my cellphone camera instead..good thing the lighting on the wall was good enough for some i took all the liberty taking photos of the post..

Here's the post on the wall..

and i also took one with myself in it..for you to see how big it is..

I was really awed by's so big! For me,it's too good to be true.. Still can't believe my eyes seeing his poster and will be seeing him soon in person..

I also joked my sis to go on with watching the movie while i will be on guard on the wall instead. :-)

Thank you for your time reading this..This is my first fan account,so please bear with my post if i'm a bit giddy about it...

I would also like to give much gratitude to 'cheezeemelt ' for giving me space in her blog..komawo,dongsaeng!

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