Thursday, June 17, 2010


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Oh my gosh!! I can't believe this is happening! omo! it's like a dream!! waahhh.. don't ever wake me up! aaahhh....

Note: sorry for committing so much errors here. Aisssshhhh... TS around the world,SORRY for this guys! tsk... as you all know, this station (GMA 7) isn't the one who aired BOYS OVER FLOWERS,, it's ABS-CBN channel 2.. aissshhh.. that's why gma7 made a lot of errors here, they are not familiar with the bof sorry for this!... sheeeessshhh.. i'm so ashamed of this,,, if only we could something for this... MIANHAEYO! =((

well, to GMA7,,, if you're reading this, I don't have anything against you guys, it's just that, before you broadcast a news or something make the facts correct and accurate. RESEARCH about the artist first! aissshh...

You misspelled, and mispronounced one of Korea's hallyu star! oh my gosh! can you be a little careful? 

Well I hope, Triple S from other countries won't get mad at this.. I mean, we Triple S Philippines are at our feet already because of this.. we don't know how to contact you guys, but we will do everything we can just for you to get the correct information. 
Well, just read some of the comments.. it's all negative... tsk.tsk..


Anonymous said...

Kim Hyun Joong will have a fan meeting at Crowne Plaza on June 18th @7pm

Other schedule -

There're lots of fans want to be in the fan meeting, but by some reason, the fan meeting was kept secret by TripleS until last day. That is not very nice.

cheezeemelt said...

because the fan meet was confirmed only 3 days left before the concert. and I heard the fanmeet was approved by Hyun Joong himself. tsph didn't have much time left to promote the fanmeet. and it has only limited seats. the managers want it to be organize and not crowded. we were even not allowed to shout during the fan meet but it was amazing!