Thursday, June 10, 2010


Park Jung Min drives SS501

SS501’s distinct member Park Jung Min claimed himself as the most influential person in the team.

During a recent interview for SBS News Korea’s Star Q-10, the idol revealed the truth behind rumors that although fellow member Kim Hyun Joong is the official leader, he is the “actual” leader. Regarding the rumor, Park Jung Min said, “I am better in terms of personality, charisma and driving force. The other members change their minds too often.” He then continued in a half-joking manner, “I’m sure you may have already noticed by now, but the actual main influential person in SS501 is me, Park Jung Min.”

On other news, multi-entertainer Park Jung Min was said to have recently opened an online shopping mall as a CEO. He has also gained attention for his fluent language skills in Japanese and learning skills in Chinese.

This interview will air later today on the 9th, be sure to check it out!

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Bwahahahahahahaha! You got me there mal! LOL!!!! I can imagine how was he saying this kekekekeke.. ^_____________^

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