Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Still blaming Leader? still mad at him?? well, I've said so many times that Leader isn't the villain here. He's the hero instead. And yet... You people ( I won't call you Triple S anymore) should take note of this and you owe our Leader an apology.

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JM and Baby signed with DSP first. They only learned around 5th anniversary that DSP would NOT sign Kyujoong. Leader demanded that DSP signed Kyujoong first before he would sign, but DSP refused. So Leader had to refer Kyujoong to YG.
They'll sign with different companies and work on an album together next year. YS & Kyujoong are now in Japan, YS working on a drama OST deal and Kyujoong negotiating with YG for a contract. JM said to the fans 3 times on the plane that the five of them will have an album next year.
Leader will sign with a different company. This was because he wanted to protect the other four members, the SS501 name and the fans. He only referred Kyujoong to YG because DSP refused to renew Kyujoong's contract thus breaking up the group.
JM and Baby thought all five were going to get new contracts so they signed first. JM also said they would be separated this year, but would work together again next year. They all repeatedly talked about next year, meaning they would be working again together, but with different companies representing them.
Since no one in the group wished to disband, so Leader had to stand up and shouldered all the blames for doing his best to keep everyone together and protect the fans.

Better read it 501 times in case you're still at it, blaming Leader. 
See? he sacrificed his name for his brother. He demanded DSP to sign on Kyu or else he himself will not sign. See???... Leader's the one who doesn't want to disband! SOMEONE is!!or something.....
If we are talking about our 5 boys here, we are 501% sure, no disbanding will happened. But if we are talking about people or things that surrounds them, well we better cross our fingers and Pray hard. We know our boys won't let us down, right?? so keep Believing in them. in THEM!!!
This is not an official statement, I myself don't sure about this. But take this as your baseline, somehow in this statement there is truth. 


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namjachingu_khj said...

How brave leader can be? He took all the blame just to save his brothers? And still, some people are trying to put him down? He definitely is the LEADER OF SS501!!!! He could've left them, but he even used himself to save the future of his brother Kyu. An angel in disguise indeed!!!! Now, are you still pointing fingers to someone who is trying to save his group,.... the only precious thing that he treasure with his life? We support you KIM HYUN JOONG!!!!!