Thursday, July 1, 2010


original in korean: SS601
translated into chinese: tkdska @金贤重中文网 HYUNJOONGCHINA
translated into english: happiebb /

below is the telephone exchange between a korean fan and the receptionist from Keyeast

(*bb: the chinese TS raised an interesting point....
how come the receptionist knows so much...? ^^)

Recep: Hello, how are you?

Fan: Err... Heard that Hyun Joong oppa has strongly requested for SS501 activities,
in that case, how long will the period of his solo activity be?

Recep: Ah... although that has not yet been decided,
but Hyun oong has been talking about SS501 matters
right from the start from the time he's signed the contract....

Fan: Ahhh... So (would Keyeast) be signing the remaining four members too?

Recep: Hyun Joong seems to be thinking along this line,
and they're now discussing about this matter.
The four members are now on vacation resting,
so cannot really confirm the schedule for the coming days.
Although we too cannot be sure,
but once the discussion has been concluded,
it's possible that we will sign the remaining four members.

Fan: Even if (Keyeast) didn't sign with the other four,
would Hyun Joong be able to continue with SS501 activities?

Recep: Our contract (with him) clearly states that
we will actively complement and work with SS501.
When there are SS501 activities, we will also let Hyun Joong participate.

Fan: Ahhh, thank you.
Please do not give wuri Hyun Joong oppa too much work; his body is weak.

Recep: Oh, alright~ Thank you.




"那个...听说贤重哥强烈要求 SS501的活动,那麼他的个人活动期间会有多久呢?"

"啊,虽然现在还没有确定但是 贤重从一开始签约的时候就一直在说SS501的事情..."


"贤重好像也是这麼想的,现在正在商讨这件事,4名成员现在正在休假中,不能非常确定将来的日程。虽然我们也不太肯定,但是一旦商讨结束,我们可能将会签 下剩下四名成员。"

" 就算没和4只签约的话 贤重也能继续做SS501的活动吗?"



"好的 ~ 谢谢"


Awwww... Leader really is doing his work as a Leader. Well as usual, in a silent way... WHEW! knowing that Leader kept talking about SS501's activity right from the start, jeeeeezzzzz... This could be my sweetest moment right now. 
Can you see a window?? window for the 4 members... signing to Key East???
CROSS YOUR FINGERS PRETTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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