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Multi-talented Artists Now at the Turn of Times
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"I've tried to catch two rabbits, but failed," a Korean proverb which means to do two things at one time is difficult to achieve.

Despite this, the entertainment industry has gained people who manage to "catch more than two rabbits", they are called "multi-talented artists" who possess talents in many aspects, be it singing, dancing, acting, to the extent there is nothing they cannot do. Talking about "multi-talented artists", one will usually think of Uhm Jung Hwa, Lim Chang-Jung, who initiated a new era of such versatile artists. Other than their origin as solo singers, their excellent performance can also be seen in films and television shows.

Kim Hyun Joong is also an artist who reminds us of such "multi-talented artist", the popular Leader of SS501 starred in the popular TV series KBS2TV "Boys over Flowers" last year as JiHoo sunbae with a unrequited love for the heroine which showcased his potential as an actor. He will be starring as the male lead in the TV adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series, "Naughty Kiss," on MBC.

Kim Hyun Joong is also a shining star in the arena of variety shows, having starred in a wide range of variety shows which reveal the charisma of his self-confidence; his unique charm when acting as a make-believe couple with Hwang Bo in the first season of MBC's 'We got married" touched the hearts of many fans.

chinese translation by 不正@百度金贤重吧



尽管这样,演绎界还是有抓住两只兔子以上的人,他们被称作“万能艺人”,他们有才华,是唱歌、跳舞、演戏没有什么不会的程度.提到“万能艺人”就会想到严 正花、任昌丁,他们开创了一个万能艺人的新时代。Solo歌手出身之外,也能在电影电视剧看到他们优秀的表演.

金贤重也是让人想起的“万能艺人”,人气组合ss501的队长去年出演人气电视剧KBS2TV“花样男子”中单恋女主角的智厚前辈而认证了他成为演员的潜 力,这次出演由日本人气漫画改编拍摄的电视剧 “淘气之吻”的男主人公,将会在MBC放送播出.

金贤重在综艺节目中也是闪耀的明星,出演各种各样的综艺节目可以看到他自信的魅力,MBC’我们结婚了”第一季中与皇浦成为假想夫妇独特的魅力打动了粉丝 们的心.

Well, I've always thought the Leader is a Multi-talented man. He can sing, dance, smile(is this even a talent? haha), act, crack jokes from outer space and melt our hearts with one look. ^^, 
What I like about this article is the writer did mentioned 'Leader of SS501'.
It's an apple for my eye kekekeke... 
I love it when they introduce him as the Leader of SS501. It kinda gave me a relief though. ^^,

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