Monday, July 26, 2010

SS501: A Complete Package

We are all now aware that the Korean Idol Group is on hiatus as of the moment. Each member will be doing their individual activities for the coming months. SS501 is rumored to be disbanded as their promotion of Destination album ends earlier this June. But the men of SS501 already assured their fans to just believe in them before those rumors came out. SS501 had also been on hiatus when the Leader Kim Hyun Joong joined the cast of Boys over Flowers and Park Jung Min in a musical Grease but that didn't take long as the three left namely Hyung Joon, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng released an Album entitled U R MAN and composing a Sub-unit. The Sub-unit project was a success and made U R MAN no.1 in various charts and record bars. 

These 5 Men are not just about singing and dancing. 5 years of popularity proved them that they can not only sing and act but also can do several things like acting and hosting all in 1. That's a complete package for an Idol. 

Each members has different specialties. Kim Hyun Joong the Leader can surely act as he was recently chose as the Male lead role of the upcoming Korean version drama 'Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss'. He was also a part of the World wide hit Boys over Flowers where it increases his popularity not only in Asia but also around America. Kim Hyun Joong also invaded the CF world as most of his endorsement ranked 1st 2nd and 4th all over Asia.  Heo Young Saeng the main vocal of the group is always lined up as one of the most powerful singer of Korea. He recently sang an OST for the drama 'Will it snow this Christmas'. Kim Kyu Jong the center of the group is one of the kindest person you will ever know. A lot of girls went gaga over is sweetness and thoughtfulness. Kyu Jong will try to penetrate the big screen as he will be feature in an upcoming Mini Drama 'Superstar' this August entitled 'Never ending Love' where he will play as a patient. Park Jung Min the prince of charisma is a business specialist as he recently opened a clothing/accessory business 'Royal Avenue'. He was recently a part of the Musical play 'Grease' where he played 'Danny' the Lead Role. Jung Min is also a part of the Mini Drama 'Superstar' where he plays as a cop entitled 'Meet' starting this August. The last but definitely not the least, Kim Hyung Joon the baby of the group. Don't underestimate the capacity of this guy as he can sing very well and full of charisma as well. He is currently a DJ on SBS radio 'Music High' where he do his covers of different Kpop Idols that receives a lot of positive feedbacks because he did not only sing it but he puts a little twist to the song that made it unique as his own. Hyung Joon will give his share to the upcoming Mini drama 'Superstar' where he will play as a rich kid entitled 'Black City'.

Those were just an appetizer as the future of these 5 Men will never stop shining. Opportunities kept on coming because the talent of SS501 men are just remarkable. 

This Idol will surely not be stocked in the Entertainment World as these Men has full of potentials and talents like no other. 

These men are deadly on their own fields but deadlier when 5 of them together as 1.

A complete package just for you.^^

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