Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong's possible Leading Lady on 'Mischievous Kiss'

According to 'It started with a kiss' production company Group Eight, besides its consideration-in-progress male lead Kim Hyun Joong, another thing which stirred about huge intereste is the female lead of this highly anticipated drama ever since day 1 it was announced for remake. And to this, the considered nominees were said to be Park Bo Young, Park Shin Hye, Han Seung Yeon as well as Baek Jin Hee. The company's personnel has stated that they're now currently in progress for auditioning for the apt female lead, out of Han Seung Yeon and Park Shin Hye, the possibilities that one of them will be chosen is very high.
However, it isn't only Kim Hyun Joong who had been considered for the male lead position. It was said that nominees have ranged from Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong and even to Jung Yong Hwa. For Lee Min Ho's case, his nomination has been dismissed because he has recently expressed no plans in taking on this drama.
While for Jung Yong Hwa's case, through his drama 'You're Beautiful' where he first got recognized on the eyes as well as musical group activities with CN Blue, he has been rising on the popularity by the day.

With phone interviews conducted on July 6 afternoon with personnels from DSP media to which considered-female lead Han Seung Yeon belongs to revealed that she would not be able to partake in the drama due to her activities in Japan, and with news from Jung Yong Hwa's agency company F&C music that he would also similarly not be partaking in this drama due to some other schedules he has on hand, it has now narrowed down the considered nominees to Kim Hyun Joong and Park Shin Hye. The other considered nominee Park Bo Young is currently facing some contract conflicts with former agency company, so her participation has also been dismissed. Despite all of these, Group Eight personnel still did not forget to re-stress that they're still in the final stage of selection, so regarding who the casts will be is still undecided for now. However, they will release news of it soon because to this highly welcomed original Japanese manga remake, the male lead would be of utmost importance, hence it is very crucial to have to select the right choice. For Kim Hyun Joong, because of his 'Boys over Flowers' where he successfully transformed into an actor, it seems like he would be able to fit enough into the requirements for this role. No matter what, they have to hurry with the final selection since their first shoot will begin end of this month (July).

'It started with a kiss' will be directed by 'Goong' PD Hwang In Roi, written by Go Eun Nim, and is slated for release later half of this year after MBC drama 'Road Number One' ends its run. With 'It started with a kiss' to be released, it is expected that new asia stars will be borne once again.

For the female lead, ShinHye-ssi has been on the high end for female lead of this.
As to all other feels, you should know by now *yum yum yum yum*


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