Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally! LOVE YA on MYX!

I have to admit! I'm quite impressed with the way Myx is doing right now! haha, at first I was kinda mad at them 'coz they only keep on playing the same kpop group since korean pop invaded Philippines. It's like these group is the only group Koreans have! and now, they released U R MAN few days ago and they released LOVE YA today! whaddaheck?? hahahaha... TSPH will be poor again! hehehe... Oh well, money is nothing for me if it's for the boys! hehehe.. VOTING TIME TRIPLE S!! Let's get serious now! Remember what Leader said when he was here in Manila? He talked about Love ya and was hoping we Filipinos will liked Love ya the same to LLT.


MYX(space)VOTE(space)LOVE YA send it to 2366

here's a video from a fellow triple S.^^, ekeke.. thanks Khei!^^,

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