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[FAN ACCOUNT] [2010.07.25 Spoilers from Somyong Girls' High School Student]

credit source:HERE / miclub
chinese translation by 兔兔@百度淘气之吻吧 (BAIDU PLAYFUL KISS THREAD)
english trans: emz /

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[★celebration★ Somyong Girls' High School filming site; the victorious Class 6!]

Hee hee hee hee Hello everybody, my dears, now I totally excited! Now I am laughing because of the Naughty Kiss! Yes, that is the Naughty Kiss we all know!
the Naughty Kiss starring Kim Hyun Joong, ha ha ha ha ha
where Naughty Kiss' filming is exactly in our school, and it is in our class! ! ! ! ! ! !
This is the honour of Somyong Girls' High School! let the passion explodes! ! ! !

Somyong Girls' High School; the main building used by year 1,2 classes is separated from the building used by the third year. the above photograph shows the building used by the third year students which is where Naughty Kiss will be filmed. Hey, nice? Ha ha

 Also, look! ! This is central entrance hall which is already furnished with filming equipment.
Look rich, right? We do not know our school is so rich, hehe
moved in a few days before
today is the Photo taking (emphasis, he he) ^ ^ (name) came into the photo. Fear of not taking a good photo, would pretend not putting mind into it but actually its taken seriously. and Oh
when the children knew the vending machine is real, they put some money into it, but the money was swallowed, ha ha.

Prior to the inspection of these items is as such ...
It was mentioned that besides Kim Hyun Joong, it could sleep another 38 people.
By the way, it seems like the tables that were originally here have been moved away while filming ... not very clear ~

Hyun Joong join a society? ? ? ? this is actually the entrance to the filming site. Like a comic society ~
The original room is actually the arts room. Now cant even go in but from the students who clean the arts room, it is very beautifully decorated inside now ...
See the poster yet? (transliteration) the name of the school sounds like big wave high school ~~~

Here is the class where Kim Hyun Joong will be filming! ! !
Ha ha ha, enthusiastic outbreak ah! ! ! Ha ha ha! ! !

 This is not, "Kim Hyun Joong pls enter", but something to welcome Hyun Joong!

Anyway, this has what Class 6 has become! Ha ha ha
the No.1 class as in the Original school (the concept is so, Oh, Kim Hyun Joong's class is the school's No.1, the girls class is the school's last, Ha ha ha, thats what is mentioned in the manga ~)
Said class 7 upstairs is also used, said that this is to facilitate our class's movement of photographic equipment ~
after-school ceremony ended today, the sch President and ministers suddenly came and class six wins! now the children are highly enthusiatic, Ha ha ha

If Hyun Joong sits in my seat, ooo, I will, ha ha ha! !
The student who sits in front said because Hyun Joong is the No.1 in the whole school, he will be sitting in his seat
Some students sitting by the window heard the words will appear (in the play, seemingly so ~) So said they will be sitting there, Ha ha ha
heard that the girls' class is the class 1? ? But the students from class 1 is very quiet? ? is it the girls' class? Ha ha

Anyway, hope that the filming crew will enjoy the filming in our school! Ha ha
Somyong's landscape is very beautiful, but now, although its summer, there are no flowers, not many insects also hehe, which is not bad too, hehe
heard that shoots will be taken of the road towards the school on the 22th, but said that it is not in our school, but Sinsa dong?

The way to our school is very beautiful, Ha ha! Anyway, hope that the "Naughty Kiss" will become popular! Ha ha
In that case, my blog will also be popular ... ...
Until the end of the entrance examination, if "naughty kiss" continues filming, I would film down those in my school; those not from the school i will also put it up, haha.

Now, my desire to migrate in Korea was awakened by this fan account! hahaha.. I suddenly want to go back to school huhuhuhu.. I want to study at that school! oh by the way, the school's name is PARANG HIGH SCHOOL thanks to mijoong @ soompi.^^,
Lucky students! hehe debating on which seat will our Leader sit! Hahaha LOL!

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