Friday, July 30, 2010



A fellow TSPH shared her strategy for Love Ya to reach no.1. 
Please read carefully.
This is not a demand, you have your freewill.
This is all for the sake of our boys SS501. 
~Lalo na ngayon, ang daming rumors. 
This might change anything that is going on now.
If our boys knew that they have lots of fans here, that will make the story different.
A hope that can change everything.
This might be a small thing but, it can lead to big things if we UNITE.

Please do not repost somewhere unrelated to SS501 site, due to some fan clubs might discover what we are planning.
Just share it with fellow TSPH and share it NOW.


    TripleS voting population only comprises around 2% of the whole voting population of MYX. So, to illustrate, if there are 10,000 voters for MYX everyday, there are only 200 TripleS voters. That's scary!!!

Q:   But why do we go beyond 2%? Why did we reach 4.72% last July 28?
A:    Because of voters like me who actually send in more than 100 votes per day.

    Elf or Suju votes comprise around 12% of the voting population of MYX. Take note that I said votes, not voters because I do not know how many votes each one of them casts.

Good News:
    Suju votes also have limitations. Notice how Bonamana drastically fell from the chart when No Other charted. That means that the Elfs cannot support 2 songs. That means that they cannot go beyond 13% UNLESS Triple S voters give them reason to worry. So we must not let them know that we are making a concerted effort for Love Ya.

    If we do not increase our vote output, we will stagnate at number 10!!!

    So, as I already mentioned, to keep up with Suju votes, every Triple S has to vote 6 times more. That entails spending P120 per day for Sun and P150 per day for Globe and Smart. This is for us to break the 12% barrier. I'm so sorry to say that spending P5-10 a day will not help LOve Ya go up the charts! Believe me!

Reality of the Situation
    If we want Love Ya to be number 1, we have to spend money. If we are not willing to spend, we just have to accept the fact that Love Ya will suffer the same fate as Love Like This!!!
    If we go on voting the way we do, Love Ya will not even break into the top 5!!! Believe me!!! Alejandro, Airplane and California Gurls are on the way down.There is no new strong contender so Love Ya really has a big chance to rise up even further but we really have to do our part.

    I understand that not everyone is financially capable of spending more than P100 per day on votes. But for those who do, please do so since this will last only for a few weeks and not forever. For those who are not that financially capable, perhaps you can spare P20 per day and vote the maximum 10 times? Or you can cut down on softdrinks, junk food, cigarettes, taxi, snacks, etc. Like what I mentioned in my shout, be creative. Tap your parents, grandparents, friends, co-workers, etc.
    Unnies and Noonas, use your moral ascendancy over your subordinates. Teachers, use your students! Bosses, use your employees! That's what I'm doing! He he! Everything is doable!!
    How do you think Kris Allen won American Idol over the more popular Adam Lambert? Simple: His voting fans were more organized. They used strategy in voting. This is what we should do.
    Like I said, everyone must have a quota. You all know your capacity. Use the people around you. 

    Sorry, gotta go. I'm late for the office. I'll try to increase my daily output to 200 votes. [That means I'll be P500 pesos poorer everyday!!!] But I don't mind as long as its for our boys. I'm not expecting everyone to do this but please try to give more than your present output. Trust me, if all of us make our own individual increase, we will see the results.

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