Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong Pix from CEBU PHILIPPINES [ASTA TV Vol.31]

This was taken when Leader went to Cebu, Philippines. I didn't have much news about him visiting there. It seems like people really are well-behaved. We didn't received much information about him, though a lot of pictures was taken during his stay in a hotel.

Here are some pictures taken when our Leader visited Abiertas House of Friendship in Cebu where he donated 1 million pesos. Abiertas House of Friendship is supporting single mothers, sexually abused women and children.

He's gorgeous isn't he???? hayyyyyy...those kids were so lucky getting that near to him..hehehe.. ^^, 

Thank You Hyun Joong-ssi our Leader!!!!!!!!!!! 
We Love You from the bottom of our Hearts!

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Administrator said...

yay!!! my cousin saw KHJ during that time!!! ang swerti nya!!! hainaku...