Monday, July 12, 2010

Park Shin Hye will not be KHJ's Partner in 'Mischievous Kiss'


Park Shin Hye rules herself out of Playful Kiss drama

by Kingpolo on July 12, 2010 




Actress Park Shin Hye has ruled herself out of upcoming drama Playful Kiss (or It Started With a Kiss) which has already confirmed the lead male role to be SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong, leaving many fans disappointed.
Park Shin Hye stated, “Even though I haven’t seen the script yet, I really wanted to participate in this drama. But I felt that I wasn’t ready to work on this though, especially because I have many other activities to attend to, I’m sorry.”
Other nominees for the role include Park Bo Young who is currently dealing with legal issues, and f(x)’s cutie Sulli. Seungyeon had to drop out due to KARA’s upcoming promotional activities in Japan. Will there be a surprise?

Well, sorry for those who bet for Park Shin Hye. For me, out of the choices, I chose her to be Leader's partner. But she already ruled herself out, so...... aishhh.. I DUNNOO!!! hahahahahaha.. I like Seungyeon too! 
Hope there will be a surprise though! hahaha EUN HYE!!!! ahahaha joke



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