Monday, July 19, 2010

Possible CASTS if ISWAK (Korean Version)


These are the possible casts for 'Mischievous Kiss'. Ode said that this might be the confirmed casts so far,,, others are still under further considerations. 

from: DCGal // (backdoor) iswak BD

Male lead : Kim Hyun Joong (Naoki Irie)

Female lead : Jung So Min (Aihara Kotoko)

2nd Female lead : Min Hyo Rin (Reiko Matsumoto)
 not sure of the photo
2nd Male lead : Lee Tae Sung (Kinnosuke Nakamura)

Younger brother (Naoki's) : Choi Won Hong (Yuuki Irie)

Kotoko's teacher : Hwang Hyo Eun

WOW! really can't wait for this! This is a nice cast! hope it'll not change! hehehe...

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