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07/18 [trans] Fan account – KyuJong & Kang JiYoung

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


I am a 19 years old 3rd year high school student who still has to go to school even during summer holidays.
This is the first time I’m writing this....
Gasp.... days really flies by!!
I should write this quickly

It happened about 8 hours ago kekeke
Even though the summer holidays have started!!
Even though today, no I mean yesterday was Saturday!!!

I had to go to school
I had to do self-study till 6pm
I went to school early in order to go to tuition center later

My younger cousin is studying overseas in England
And is back in Korea for holiday
And we had a meal together

And so I had to go to Bitplex at Wangshimri where we arranged to meet
It was crowded with people as it was a Saturday

I was the only person in school uniform
Makes me feel quite bitter about it;;;

I met my cousin and
Had our meal together

We went over to Cold Stone for our dessert
The shop is a little cramped and the tables are small and not many seats around
We managed to get a seat

We were chatting away while eating our ice cream
I was leaning back on my chair
Exchanging text messages with my friend

Suddenly my cousin
Tapped on me

“Unni, doesn’t that person look like Kang JiYoung?”

Huh? I heard her say and
Immediately turned to look at a girl wearing pink top
Among the group of people sitting beside us

She was wearing a huge pair of glasses
No double eye-lid showing
Initially, I was thinking what she was trying to say
Because in my mind, Kang JiYoung is a person
Who has big eyes with thick double eye-lid

“Yes yes? Kang JiYoung?”

Looking more carefully, she looks round (chubby) too

“She looks quite like her”

“Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Looks like her?”

My cousin and I exclaimed to ourselves how she resembles (Kang JiYoung)
And kept looking at her
I even thought to myself how nice it was to look like Kang JiYoung

“Well... Gasp......!!!!!!!!”

“Wow she is Kang JiYoung!!!”

My cousin and I dropped our heads
And shouted at the same time
Of course in a soft voice kekeke

In a place with so many people,
I managed to see a celebrity kekeke
And it was while eating ice cream keke
It was somewhat overwhelming kekeke
Situation was quite funny too
It was just the group of people beside us

My cousin who came to Korea not long ago said
“That guy looks familiar too....”

It was only then that I shifted my sight from Kang JiYoung
To that guy
Usually when I look at someone, I would point out which celebrity they resembles
I take pride in that (I am very good at it) keke
I must show my specialty
To my cousin
So I stared at that guy

“Ya ya.. He looks like Kim KyuJong”

“Who? Kim KyuJong?”

“Uh uh.. Oh Oh he looks... like...... Gasp!!!!!!!! He is Kim KyuJong!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Once again, my cousin and I
Lowered our voice as much as we can to shout

I can’t believe it!!!!
The two person whom I can’t even imagine
Were right in front of me!!

There were quite a lot of people in the shop
But seems like no one else recognized them

The 2 celebrities were also
Eating their ice cream like nothing

And so, my cousin and I also
Kept quiet...

But still staring at them kekekeke

I stared at Kim KyuJong
While my cousin stared at Kang JiYoung kekeke

Kang JiYoung must have felt my cousin’s burning stares at her
And kept fixing her fringe
Lowered her head slightly
We also had a lot of eye contact keke

Kim KyuJong is really a gentleman
He has a sharp nose and
His face is small kekeke

Whenever he makes his hair
I thought ‘Wow he is really a charming oppa’ kekeke

As for Kang JiYoung
Though a little chubby
She’s cute
If she didn’t wear the round glasses
I don’t know why but I think she will look prettier
Showing her eyes kekekeke

For a while, my cousin and I was
Admiring the beauty of the people beside us now when awhile back,
I was furiously exchanging text messages with my friend
With my heart pounding
I secretly took two photos of them

This... Is it okay to take (photo)? Kekeke
Oh well, I’ve taken it already anyway~~~~
I don’t know if this is a friend or a manager together with them
Anyway, three of them were chatting away while eating their ice cream~

It is really amusing to see
These two celebrities
Spending leisure time
In a place with so many people just like any other ordinary people~

Huh Huh Huh
I stopped my cousin who wanted to get their autographs
Needless to say, if she had asked for autographs
It will be like swamped with people and making it difficult for them

What if.... it was Kim HyunJoong.....
I don’t know if I will be able to keep my rationality and pounce on him

My cousin and I had to our heart’s content (seeing them) beside us
And came out of the shop first

Kim KyuJong seems really like a University gentleman oppa style
Still 130 days to college exam
If I go to a University………. There would be (someone like him) right? A great senior like him?
There are none…… though I heard it here and there…..
Ah TT TT but I still want to believe in it

Anyway,, in this hot and humid summer
In this school-going 3rd year high school life
It was a day where I felt enjoyable for a while keke

Haha I love the way she described our Kyu! ^^,  These gals are so lucky! I would've ask for Kyu's autograph if I was the one there! hahaha! NO BUTS and EXCUSES! hahahaha just GO FOR THE GOLD!!^^,

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