Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong brings his script with him everywhere

Well, I'm not surprised about this. I'm a Triple S, I know and I saw it a lot of times how hardworking Kim Hyun Joong is. I'm sure Triple S out there will agree with me. And I'm praying that his hardwork will pay off.

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Kim Hyun Joong who is now acting in [Mischievous Kiss] by MBC, showing his passion for acting.

At the filming site of [Mischievous Kiss] on 27th morning, picture of Kim Hyun Joong practicing his script were released, causing uproar on the internet. In the show, because of Oh HaNi, Kim Hyun Joong who starts to change bit by bit gave a very good impression to female viewers. In [Mischievous Kiss]. Kim Hyun Joong shed off the nice and caring look of Yoon JiHoo in [Boys Over Flower], becoming the arrogant and cold personality of Baek Seung Jo also successfully proven his improvement in acting.

Staff revealed: [Kim Hyun Joong works harder than everyone on the set, not only analysing the script before actual filming, he also brings his script everywhere with him. He really puts in a lot of effort. Also, he came to the set everyday in cheerful mood, which is why the filming set are also so cheerful with him around.]
Praising Kim Hyun Joong. Staff of Kim Hyun Joong management company, KEYEAST, also revealed: [Kim Hyun Joong only sleeps 2 to 3 hours a day, even though the filming schedule is very hectic, but he always do his best for filming as he felt thankful for the support from his fans. Kim Hyun Joong and the whole [Mischievous Kiss] cast and staff are all working very hard in filming so as not to let everyone down. Hope that everyone will show more support, concern and love.

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