Monday, September 20, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong LIVE in Manila TV Broadcast

Kim Hyung Joong Live in Manila was held last June 19. Three months from yesterday, GMA 7 (Local Philippine TV Station) aired it and made our memories with Leader alive again!
Oh, what can I say! This is a superb experience! My friends and I went gaga last night when they aired Leader's concert with beast in Philippine Local TV! ~~ It's like DeJaVu! hahaha I got teary-eyed when watching it all over again. I missed Leader. I missed SS501! and yeah,, I'm tearing right now.. 

Anyways, look how our Leader glowed that night. He's like the King of the Night. He stole the concert! No offense, but...HE ROCKED THE HOUSE that time! Oh well, what do you expect? He's the Leader of SS501! 

So much thanks to 3kimheopark4Jangki@yt

I love the way the announcer introduced him 'He's the Leader of Double S 501!'

Don't spot cheezeemelt, h20babykathysbench  there!! hahaha!!! shocks, this is embarassing! hahaha LOL!

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