Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steps on how to vote in Yahoo for Kim Hyun Joong and for Playful Kiss

I've come up with the steps on how we can increase our votes. Because it seems that by merely clicking 'vote' every 10 seconds isn't enough, I do have here the step-by-step instruction on how to make our votes more than what we can do before. Just follow this and for sure we can all do it. I had a hard time making this, considering I am not a computer literate. So for those who will be reposting, kindly repost with full credits. Would appreciate more if every blog that a Triple S has can repost this instructions. Here it goes:

1.) Earlier, I provided the site where you can vote. If you have forgotten already, click Here

2.) Next, click on the icon where you need to log in

3. ) You will be seeing this page:

You can use your own and existing email address. You don't need to sign up for a new yahoo mail for Yahoo Korea.

4.) After you have successfully logged in, simply write on the box provided. you can say anything just as long it is not offensive. [Take note: For each message gives you 15 points additional, for every profanity or offensive words leads you to a 30 points DEDUCTION!]

To add even MORE points...: [In adding pictures, you will need Internet Explorer as your browser since it will not work using Firefox]

5.) Click on the arrowed icon

6.) You will then be directed on this page

7.) Scroll down and you will see the green icon

8.) You will see this page. Enter the necessary information on the blank fields. Click on the picture to enlarge

you can upload up to 5 pictures at the same time

9.) If you're done choosing pictures, scroll down and click on the icon to upload

That's it. You have successfully voted. It may take 2-3 hours before your pictures appear. Again, any offensive or profanity pictures uploaded corresponds a deduction!
So we all should be careful okay? You just have to repeat all the steps to cast more votes. Every 10 seconds you can vote. Now that I have provided these simple steps, (voting by chat and by pictures) it is all up to you to help Hyun Joong and Mischievous Kiss. For the steps on how to vote for Hyun Joong, you just have to go to the site where you will be casting the vote for Hyun Joong ( http://kr.rival.kids.yahoo.com/rival/script/?ac=view&cd=305 ) and just follow my steps above. We can all prove to everyone how powerful Triple S can be! Show them what you got Triple S! Mansae! Hwaiting!
EDIT: You can use as many browsers as you can. Google chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox. Use them all at the same time for voting.. ^^, It works ^^~~Cheezeemelt

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