Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baek Seung Jo's New Hairstyle

Yep, that's him. Uri Baek Seung Jo's college hairstyle. After i watched Ep.6 and saw his new hair, I thought it was a weird hairstyle. I've read negative comments about his hair. But then I realized, it seems like seung jo's hairstyle is one of their strategy to increase ratings. Sometimes negative attracts~ everyone will be curious about his hair,,, resulting for them to watch the drama ~~ nice strategy though. Once again, they made our Hyun Joong their bait to get higher ratings. 
So let's just hope for the best, cause I heard that the rating is still not that good and it's getting alarming. 

Jangki Fighting!!!~~

photo credit: s2rene@twitter

1 comment:

Sandra Alejandro Bustamante said...

hyung joong ...u are the best..
i love u.. and good strategy.