Thursday, September 2, 2010


Leader's new drama was aired yesterday in Korea and sad to say, it didn't wok that well. With an average of 4% rating, it's no joke right? That's why, I'm looking for our fellow Triple S in Korea.
어디로 갔을까요? (sorry for my Hangul, too depressed right now)

Where are these people?

Like what our boys said in their song 'Wasteland'... "Where did she go?".... =((((((
Triple S is one of the largest and most established fanbase in Korea but where these gals go? Leader fought with their drama's rival alone last night. 
You kept blaming him for leaving DSP and not keeping his promises but then, we promised also that we Triple S will always be here to support him and the other boys. Are we all quits here?
Aissshhh... so frustrating... Leader fought alone.. aishh.. after all the hardwork done. 
We left Leader alone. ALONE. 

But you know what pretties, it's just the first episode right? and the story line went well. ^^,
We have 19 episodes to go! ^^, We have all the chance in the world to prove that Triple S power is still here, ready to fight for our boys. Right? 


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Anonymous said...

Actually, even though I'm not a Korean TRiple S, I want to say this to make clear that low rating doesn't mean there are so few TS supporting HJ. Like Yoochun and yunho's film, we all know how many Cassies are, but the rating is till not high.
In film, it's harder, fans can't help.