Friday, September 17, 2010

Playful Kiss's Bear ^^, [Ep.5 & 6]

I can say that Episode 5 & 6 is my favorite episodes so far ^^, The story line goes well and well each episode and I still wonder why it has low ratings. I'm also getting comfortable watching our Leader Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo. I noticed that, he'd became more comfortable on his scenes and I have to say this again, HE REALLY IS IMPROVING.

Now here are your bears from episodes 5 & 6.  

Episode 5:

This scene was really funny. One of my faves actually. We've got to see the real Hyun Joong here, The very competitive Hyun Joong. In this episode, Baek Seung Jo sort of like became Kim Hyun Joong kekekeke... ^^,

Episode 6:
They kissed. Yes they kissed on Ep.6! ^^, But a lot of viewers doesn't like how Seung Jo kissed Ha Ni. I don't know, but for me it's one of the sweetest kiss I've ever seen. Well because, it's the thought that counts right? Why did Seung Jo kissed Ha Ni?? It's because he doesn't want Ha Ni to forget him going to College that's why Seung Jo sealed Ha Ni with a kiss. Just like saying " YOU'RE ONLY MINE"~~ isn't it sweet?? ^___^

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theflowerygarden said...

...tsiktsik..its so cute..want to have some in my room with other teddy bears~~~^^