Friday, September 17, 2010

Message from KEYEAST

credits to ODE for the translation:
[Message] 09.17 Keyeast
Hello, this is CEO Yang Geun-hwan from Keyeast here.
In the blink of an eye, the hot Summer spins its heat around and welcomes the refreshing Fall.
This is my first time leaving an entry here ever since Kim Hyunjoong-gun’s opening of homepage.
Right after Hyunjoong-gun was reported to have signed on with a new agency, he was immediately decided for participation in a drama, and it seems like he is really running with no proper state of mind. Of course, thanks to the support from everybody who visits here has turned into strength for me and for the agency. I thank you genuinely.
For now, Hyunjoong-gun is fully focusing on shooting for drama with almost no single day of rest. But thanks to the unchanging love and concern from everyone, we gathered strength and is able to dwelve into shooting. Though it is a little sad with the ratings, Hyunjoong-gun will work hard to create a meaningful work as an always improving actor and that, we ask for all of you guys’ support right until the final episode.
Ever since Hyunjoong-gun’s official homepage was open, I have often spent time to come to listen to the voices of fans as I see for myself. I am really grateful that all of you came together to weave this common space to communicate mutually more than to expect. Each and every sincere sentence left by every one of you guys will not be forgotten. Hyunjoong-gun will work hard to become a more developing artiste as his agency here will also keep working harder together.
Chuseok is just round the corner.
Please do spin an enjoyable and abundant Chuseok with your family and friends.
from: Yang Geun-hwan

*sigh, this is really frustrating. But it's nice to see our Leader gets the treatment he deserves right? Well not in terms of his drama which is really getting alarming. I hate to ask this once again but where are our TS sisters from Korea? Are you ll got tired of our Leader and decided not to watch his drama anymore? But don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming you guys. It's just that, the Leader of SS501 is getting this kind of treatment when he really doesn't deserve this at all. 
I know that the ratings isn't all for a drama, but c'mon guys..... RATING is important. Rating is the reflection of how is the drama doing. Is it doing well or not? For Leader's drama, I think you know the answer. IT's NOT! 

I know that few of koreans will read and understand this but...... 
제발, 김 현 정을 지원 그의 드라마를 지원!~트리플 S의 힘을 보여~~~!!! 
우리가 한국어 아니지만, 우리는 지도자에게 우리의 지원을 표시할 수 있습니다~~
난 당신이 모든 리더를 지원합니다 바랍니다.

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