Saturday, September 4, 2010

Totally different Yoon Ji Hoo

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I should say that our Leader Kim Hyun Joong had really emerged from his shell. After watching episode 2 of Playful Kiss, I saw a different Hyun Joong. Way different from his role as Yoon Ji Hoo from Boys over Flowers. Need proof???? kekekek.. here are my screencaps that showed the different side of Hyun Joong. 

                                                          This is EPIC! ROFL!! ^____________^

Now what? Can you still see Yoon Ji Hoo in him? No more Mr. Nice Guy!!! ^____^


Tiffany said...

Ji Hoo is a great actor, in some of the other shows he did i wish he would have gotten the girl he wanted and i wanted to just slap that girl. I hope Ji Hoo truly does find the girl he loves and if he already has CONGRATS:)

Anamaria said...

It is much nicer. It's nice to discover another side of him. So far it has played roles in which he was perfectly lovely guy.